Sentimental Meaux and shopping!

Ok so I am terrible for creativity and can only come up with this title. Actually, I like to tell you about the market ,covered market, and foodies in the sentimental(for me) city of Meaux! OF course, in Seine Et Marne dept 77 of the Ïle de France region.

First, hear it all about folks, Brie king of Cheese, the cheese of Kings (Vienna 1815) is only done here. Yes  you may buy it anywhere in France even abroad, but the real thing is here, raw milk from the Brie region and done the artisanal way for generations. Do not buy pasteurized milk brie it is not Brie and certainly not from Meaux area!

You have the marché or market in city center around the bd Rose,and the river or around the cinema Majestic every Wednesday mornings, Saturday all day, and Sunday morning. Under the covered market in just over the Marne river you will find merchant selling the real brie cheese with un pasteurised milk. The best market in the area::)


If you cannot come to the market or not convenient when passing by then go to the real cheesemaker here. The one in Meaux has been doing for years from generation to generation and the one our family buys from. This is the Fromagerie Saint Faron. Here it is produce as well as the smaller cousin of Melun. You can have tours and tastings as well.  There is no webpage but the tourist office has info in French here: Tourist office of Pays de Meaux on the Fromagerie Saint Faron


The official Confrerie du Brie de Meaux webpage for the fraternity that guard over the authenticity of the Brie cheese is here in English: Confrerie du Brie de Meaux cheeses

There is ,also, next to the Cathedral St Etienne, La Maison du Brie , with history, making of, tastings, take home selling and the whole gamme of products . This is , also, the Tourist office of Pays de Meaux! The tourist office has a bit more in French: Tourist office of PAys de Meaux on the La Maison du Brie


And if Brie de Meaux is not enough to bring you here then come over the for the Moutard de Meaux or mustard! The mustard of Meaux, is well renown, the story goes well there is no telling when it was created !!! all we know is that in 1760 someone gave to a Mr. M.J.B Pommery , the secret recipe for the mustard, that has by priviledge be presented on the tables of the kings of France since 1632 AD , the house of  Pommery came to be located at 69 rue du faubourg St Nicolas (very near my wife’s birthhouse) until 1927 refusing to give the secret away, at that time the last descendant of the house sold the business with recipe and all . Still commercialise in all over ,you can buy it too in many stores in Meaux, or at the manufacture as well as in the St Faron Brie cheese factory as above. Here is the webpage in English for boutique of Briards: Official mustard of Meaux by Briards

And the same webpage on the history of the Mustard of Meaux! in English! Official mustard of Meaux on its history

The area just outside Meaux along the A140 is full of stores of all kinds, a great shopper’s paradise with prices better than Paris.  City center around rue St Remy is pedestrian only.  For the Brie cheese and many other do come to La Fromagére de Meaux, 4, rue du Général Leclerc, old city center off rue st Remy, selling all kinds of cheeses too ,is open every day except mondays and even open Sunday morning. Their info is at the tourist office in French here: Tourist office of Pays de Meaux on the La Fromagére cheese shop


Then, you can’t go home without a baguette or one of its variations, we like the Tradition better. Our favorite here over the y ears is the Boulangerie Prentignac, 31, rue du Faubourg St Nicolas ,tel +33 01 64 34 12 38 open every day even Sunday mornings, except Mondays. A bit more on them but is the bakery of my family in Meaux for years; and we just got some last Christmas delicacies from Gasgogne!!!. Boulangerie Prentignac in Meaux

And there you go some nice shopping in a historical town of Seine et Marne, ïle de France , and my belle France; sentimental always in my heart, Meaux.  You might note it is close to Disneyland Paris and already many lodge here cheaper. Hope you enjoy the post as I did.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!





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  1. I am not an enthusiastic shopper and my favourite cheese is English cheddar!


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