Nostalgia sets in, Hotel at Disneyland Paris!

Ok I must be on a nostalgic run lately after getting away from all those storms nicely thank you. I started to see what have I written poorly or little in the past in my blog and came up with this one; hope you enjoy it as I do.

Several years back, to make it short, we lived in Versailles and I work in Paris while my dear wife works at CDG airport.  My work in Paris was for about a little over 2 years in charge of accounting for a major chain of hotels base in one no longer with the brand , which was the Intercontinental Hotels Group.

I was in charge of several properties of the group in France including the one at Disneyland Paris. This was another brand of the group to make it short… While there, I had lots of discounts in luxury places in France and one of them was priviledge stays and meals at the hotel properties. So therefore, took the whole family to the old Holiday Inn Disneyland and a trip to Disneyland Paris (already written on this one).

The experiences were very memorable and lasting, as my sons still remember the trip. We had nice rooms , great restaurants and game room space, a wonderful indoor heated swimming pool and gym as well as free parking and free transportation to the Disney Village etc.



And we did visit Disneyland Paris in its initial runs, to compare it we had been back afterward but still nothing like our older Orlando FLA near home. Still for Europe is a must at least once and why not more; the place has change so much today its totally different and the biggest attendance attraction in France; the most visited country in the world by UN-WTO official standards.

Now , as life moves on it is call the Vienna Magic Circus Hotel with the same game rooms, circus decoration, large good resto and the best the indoor heated swimming pool with all facilities and amenities the kids love it.  The official webpage in English is here: The Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel Disneyland


I had several meetings held there when working with the hotel chain IHG, and the memories and friendship has withstood the time gone, good people, recommended.

Hope you enjoy my nostalgic moves and do enjoy these properties today in my belle France. The pictures are old as do post the Holiday Inn times. Oh by the way, this is not Paris (sorry Parisiens) . They keep saying Paris for the sales pitch but the hotel as the park are in Seine et Marne dept 77. The hotel is exactly at 20 Avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs. 77703 Marne-la-Vallee.

The hotel in the official Disneyland Paris webpage in English: Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel Disneyland

Again, a wonderful vacation spot for the whole family and the area is still growing on all kinds of services and housing and more attractions. Stay tune for more…

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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