Porte Saint Antoine, Versailles!

So you want to come in to the Domaine de Versailles, the property that includes the castle, trianons, and hameau of Marie Antoinette? Well we used to lived there and always went in by the back on the garden, and you can do it too

I have written briefly on it but feels a single post is merited on this information. You can come in to the Palace/Museum of Versailles by the Porte Saint Antoine.


Where I entered every weekend into the Domaine de Versailles, either walking or by car, the Porte Saint Antoine,,ordered built in 1786 to replaced the old archdoor that gave way from the petit parc to the town of Le Chesnay (where my boys went to school). The decoration of the archway or porte shows the lion of Némée that is killed by Hercules, as well seen in other parts of the castle such as the Cour Royale,and the support of balcons leading to the gardens.  The archway marked symbolic the entry into an universe where nature has been dominated,and magnify by the hands of the kings!!! Yes my archway is magnificent.


Arranged at the crossings of the horse riders and near the Avenue de Versailles, this exit from the palace made it possible to reach the Château de Marly then St Germain en Laye. It begins south in front of the Grand Canal and ends approximately 1350 meters north on Boulevard Saint-Antoine, where the Arc de Triomphe at Porte Saint-Antoine is located. The starting point for the nice walk is located at the Porte Saint-Antoine gate which is the closest entrance to the Marie-Antoinette Hameau. There is a small parking lot located before the entrance and it is free on Sundays. You can also enter your car in the park and park even closer paying fees. We can finally rent bikes to get around the park faster , there is a bike point right next to the front door.


Entrance into the park of Versailles is free and many locals (like we used to do it) jog in the park. Walking then is easy to the gardens/Trianons and Hameau properties without going in .We love it for jogging and walking many times.


You can get here by taking bus no 19 at Ave Saint Cloud and  Ave de l’Europe and stop at Arboretum, then walk about 200 meters to the porte Saint Antoine.Bus 19 schedule here: Transdev IDF bus schedule line 19

The entries of the Palace/museum of Versailles or more commonly call the Château de Versailles is here in English; Chateau de Versailles on the access and bus 19

This is an off the beaten path entry into one of the most popular sites in my belle France. It can avoid lots of lines, of course, you need to have your ticket purchase in advance to enter the palace. We wandered around the park/gardens at will and it was sublime to do to, the hightlight of us living there.

Hope you enjoy the visit to immense Palace of Versailles and do come in easier. Let me know your experiences using this entrance. Hope it helps

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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