Le Guerno and its marvels!

And I stay in my Morbihan Breton dept 56 of the region of Bretagne or Brittany or Breizh. There is so much off the beaten path here as many come for the popular spots but France can be written another volume of a movable feast!

In my road warrior trips in my area , about 50 minutes from home, let me take you this time to a new town for us, Le Guerno. Right up the beaches of the Rhuys peninsula but in another world altogether.

Let me give you a brief description as old towns do here

The Le Guerno originally was a truce for the parish of Noyal-Muzillac, Le Guerno became a town in 1790 during the French revolution and an autonomous parish in 1802 after the Concordat. The Order of Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem founded a chaplaincy here, mentioned in a charter in 1160 under the name of “Eleemosina de Guernou”, as well as a chapel which shelters a fragment of the True Cross. This chaplaincy, which possessed fief and right of justice, is joined thereafter to the commandery of Carentoir.

The city of Le Guerno has nfo on its monuments in French here: City of Le Guerno on its heritage in French

I like to tell you briefly on what is there to see me thinking that we saw and like on our trip here

The Church of Notre Dame de la Vrai Croix or Our Lady of the True Cross , founded in the 12C by the order of the Hospitallers of Saint-Jean-de-Jerusalem. It is then dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. In 1312, after the suppression of the order, the chapel takes the name of the Temple of Guernou, because of its attachment to the commandery of Carentoir.  From the 12C Chapel, only the foundations and stones used in the construction of the current church, dating from the 15C and 16C, remain.

le guerno

le guerno

The tower was erected in 1580 and renovated in 1706. Its conical roof earned it to be called pepper tower. In a chapel built in 1682, called from the Tomb, was the Christ Lying, today in the north transept. The sacristy was built in 1920. The nave, covered with a structured vault, with wood dated 1580.

le guerno

le guerno

The balustrade abundantly decorated. The baptismal font is located under the rostrum. The Choir semicircular apse, quite unusual in the 15C. In masonry, terracotta pots and vases for acoustics, openings facing the choir. 16C stained glass, restored in 1975. It has an amazing exterior pulpit c. 1575, granite stelae, an altar in the open air, which comes from the altar of a Roman temple, which was in Branféré and which was razed by the Templars, a Calvary which surmounts the altar and which is formed of a granite monolith 5 meters high, two beautiful tombstones, from the old cemetery of the town, moved in 1946.

le guerno

le guerno

There is also nice fountains such as

The Sainte-Anne fountain c.1784. It would have been built on a very old place of worship. It is a small quadrangular building, which opens to the South and East by arched and molded arches. The northern wall shelters a niche in which is a statuette of Saint Anne. The whole is surmounted by a stone canopy, supported by four columns and crowned with a cross.

le guerno

The Sainte-Marie fountain c. 1787, is located at rue du Pont-Vivier, in Branféré . Just over the city limits and as we saw the panel followed !. It is a small quadrangular building, which opens on three sides. One of the walls houses a niche. The whole is crowned by a curved dome carrying at its top a stone cross

le guerno

And a picturesque nice washhouse.

The Lavoir or washhouse c. 18C, located not far from the Sainte-Anne fountain. it is in the form of a large jacketed stone basin. You can always observe the demarcated locations of the washerwomen.

le guerno

The one decent tourist info in English is on the local tourist office of Damgan-La Roche BernardTourist office of Damgan-LA Roche Bernard on Le Guerno in English

And there you go folks , a new visited town of Le Gourno for us another dot in our world map and counting heck no way too many already!!! This is one of those places you can make a architecturally and historical stop on your way back the beaches of the Rhuys Peninsula just south of here. Hope you enjoy the post of a real off the beaten path area

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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