A revisit to Noyal Muzillac!

So here I am again on the road warrior routine in my lovely Morbihan dept 56 of my beautiful Bretagne and my belle France! There is never a dull moment when you have so much to see around you and the Hexagone…

This time is a quick trip as we have been here before but went a bit more to a new place (more later). I have written on Noyal-Muzillac before and on its main monuments this time I like to tell you about a unique Chapelle de Benqué.

The town of Noyal-Muzillac is  also part of the 12 towns of the Arc Sud Bretagne intermunicipal association and the district of Vannes. About 50 minutes from my house.

A bit of history I like repeat is that after the fall of the Roman Empire, during Breton migrations, the first parishes appeared. It was probably at this time that the parish was born with patron Saint Martin de Tours. The feudal period will see many lords settle on the land.

The French revolutionary period will soon lead the local Noyalais to support the White party and more particularly the Chouannerie.(those fighting against the French republic)

In 1802 was born in Noyal-Muzillac Julien Daniélo, literary man who became known in the Parisian literary circles. He will be the last secretary of François-René de Chateaubriand . Julien Daniélo died in Paris in 1869.

And now the feature presentation….for this post of Noyal-Muzillac.

The Chapelle de Benguë was designated in the 18C as Notre-Dame-de-la-Bénédiction. This rectangular chapel is decorated with a three-part sacristy attached to the south and dated 1768. In 1793, the chapel was burnt down by the republican Le Batteux during a punitive expedition against acts of chouannerie. The chapel preserves an altarpiece in white stone characteristic of the 18C.

noyal muzillac

It is a simple chapel in city center and not far from the main church which have written before on it in my blog so spare the repetition. The town of Noyal-Muzillac is very Breton and has been designated as countryside heritage of Brittany/Bretagne. Lots of nice Renaissance homes here with beautiful architecture of course.

noyal muzillac

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

City of Noyal Muzillac on Religious heritage in French

Tourist office of Damgan, la Roche Bernard on Noyal Muzillac

This will be a nice side off the beaten path trip from when coming back from the beaches just south in the Rhuys peninsula. Hope you enjoy the post

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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