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February 16, 2020

Ramparts of Guérande!

And I come back to a very familiar town, there is plenty written in my blog on it but feel the part of the ramparts are not; this is Guérande. I did came here a lot to visit collegues and get some Clisson wine , however, do not know now as my best friend left France for work to Canada.

I like to tell you a bit more on the ramparts of Guérande! Awesome!! a must to visit!!!

The ramparts are fortifications that surround the medieval city of Guérande, in the Loire-Atlantique department 44 of the Pays de la Loire region. The medieval city of Guérande is one of the few to have preserved its ramparts in their entirety. It is also one of the best-preserved in France. It has been little altered since its main construction phase in the 15C and very little restored in the 19C. It currently includes 10 towers, 4 doors, two of which are flanked by towers, and a postern which opened in the 19C, connected by a curtain, over a length of 1.434 meters.


The gates or portes are :

Porte Saint-Michel , the Châtelet reported around 1350, refurbished around 1440-1450, the cover was put in place in the 17C. Restored in the 19C. The Châtelet includes a Museum of the Friends of Guérande, founded in 1928, which brings together an interesting collection of headdresses and traditional costumes from the peninsula, as well as archaeological collections and the Treasury of the Collegiate Church of Saint Aubin de Guérande. This gate dominates the Place du Marché au Bois square.


Porte Vannetaise (you got it we come thru here from Vannes!): 13C. It is one of the oldest elements of the enclosure, it is of “Philippian” style. Some authors put forward the hypothesis that this gate was one of the elements of the Castle, or fortified Logis serving as a residence for the Dukes of Brittany, others, that it was linked to the residence of the bishop of Nantes called the bishopric.



Porte de Saillé: 16C. As for the Porte de Bizienne (more recent), the Saillé gate is made up of only one simple opening apparently little fortified, in fact the external earthen fortifications, leveled in the 18C, ensured this defensive function. The surrounding wall between the Porte de Saillé and the Poterne du Tricot, is dated according to some authors of the 12C and would therefore constitute the oldest surviving element of the first enclosure of Guérande.


Porte Bizienne: historians assume that the name of this gate originates from a noblemen of Guérande. It is the most recent element of the fortified enclosure.


The towers or tours of the enclosure are 7 towers and these are the Saint-Jean tower (early 15C), the Sainte-Catherine tower (collapsed in early 1818, now disappeared), the Abreuvoir tower (1460-1470), the Gaudinais tower (mid 15C), the Kerbernet tower (mid 15C), the Sainte-Anne tower (mid 15C) and the Theological tower.

The roads and moats around the ramparts are:

The mail or boulevard, built at the end of the 15C or at the beginning of the 16C, located between the Saint-Michel gate and the Saillé gate for the part still preserved, constituted a first line of defense, reinforcing the ramparts becoming less effective with the development of attack artillery, and moreover made it possible to deploy cannons. Its current appearance results from the installations of the Duke of Aiguillon who made it enhance and transform into a tree-lined promenade. This hill derives its name from the mall, an ancestor of croquet a sport which the gentlemen practiced.


The moats, originally dry, were dug between the Mail and the ramparts to strengthen the fortifications. They once completely surrounded the fortified enclosure. However, they were partly blocked because of the odor they gave off (part of the inhabitants threw their waste there). A part was however preserved between the Bizienne gate and the Vannetaise gate.

Some webpages in French for more better info to help you plan your trip here are

City of Guérande on the ramparts

Tourist office of La Baule-Guerande in English on the ramparts

Tourist office of the Loire Atlantique dept 44 on the ramparts of Guerande

A wonderful town in old Bretagne and very much like to visited for various reasons as above. Hope you enjoy the ramparts of Guérande! A must to see indeed

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



February 16, 2020

My other boy, Rex!!!

Seen pictures of dogs and I go crazy, love them to death/ One of men’s and probably the best friend indeed.  I have written on my dog Rex before but seeing post on dogs made me write again about him who just happened to be laydown just below me as I write!

A bit of a recap on previous posts.

I always had dogs in my single life; and even as I was married back in 1990 with my Frenchie Martine. Once boys came to be all 3 of them I stopped having them and gave my current dog Maite to my parents. As my boys became older, the need to have a dog grew , but my wife wanted none of it. Finally, we convince her as the boys also wanted a dog. She was very enthusiastic once the decision taken, and was the first one to go and buy him a bed ,and ball toys etc. Unfortunately, she could not enjoy it fully as passed away from cancer. My boy Rex is my legacy of her and it is treated like a son in our house.

He is Rex, we got him from a dairy farm near me at 4 mos old a mix Border Collier and Labrador as commonly call Boradors. He is as gentle and protective as can be expected from  a farm dog.  He is now 27 months old fully black with white toes and 26 kg or about 57 pounds healthy as he can be with regular visits to the Vet at the Clinique Vétérinaire du Chêne, gourmet type dog food at Maxi Zoo with now a store closer to us in Vannes, and beauty salon baths cuts etc in our town at Tou Beau Tou Propre.

My boys takes him to the local big park Goh Lanno which of course I have written before on all the previous places above.  And he is very goood boy , very gentle , loving and we love him back hugely. We have taken him in the car to the Maxi Zoo store and to eat outs all very good. We are lucky to live in a house with a huge patio 1000 sq meters or about 10760 sq feet. That is him below with a neighbor apple in his mouth lol!!


On our last family trip with the boys we went to Toulouse and we took him with us and was perfect! Walk all over Toulouse with us!!! and even went ok to restaurants. We went to Lavaur and did the same thing , a pleasant outing. We take him to different parks now and already on schedule to go out on vacation with us again in May’20!



He likes Goh Lanno but also the pointe des Immigrés littoral park in Vannes! And right now we cannot think of doing nothing without him. And gladly ,nowdays there is plenty here to go around with a dog.  He is still laying down by me as always the protective guy, if I leave the chair he follows me everywhere in the house even the toilet which I need to close the door or he goes in too lol!!!


He is a good French dog as he loves the baguette bread! and just eats everything, we need to control it because he doesn’t stop eating if we let him. My luck is that with 3 grown men around the house they do most of the work ! and love him too , he wakes them up in the mornings as when I leave I open the upstairs door and goes into their bedroom to lick them up!!


Overall, it was the best thing that can happen to me after the shock and now he is nosing up my arms because he wants attention, he says I do too much writings lol!!!!

Do you have dogs? or family member with dogs? How are they? I am on a borador group and is great interaction with the dog owners!!! Anyway have a great doggy day y’all

And remember, happy travels (with dogs better), good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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