The streets of Pontivy!

And here I am on the streets of Pontivy to tell you all about this wonderful small town in my lovely Morbihan 56 of my dear Bretagne in my belle France. We have come here often as it is only about 40 min from us, but been small has a lot of punch for visits.

There always pleasant to be here, on Napoleonville now Pontivy and even one of my sons worked here for a while and of course we have visited the town several towns, more to come, stay tune. Always interesting to come to a town name by Napoléon I!

On  November 9, 1804 it received the name of Napoléonville from Napoléon I.  All is arranged to make this a model city with new architecture whereby the first stone was put on August 12 1807 in his presence. The town ask to be called Bourbonville after the first Restauration (monarchy) 1814-1815, and takes the name of Pontivy after the return of king Louis XVIII ,later it comes back to be called  Napoléonville again under Napoléon III. From  1870 the town regained the current name of Pontivy. Which of course in Breton is Pondi.

The modernization of the Rue Nationale involves lowering the speed limit to 30 km / h or even 20 km / h on the shopping area in order to allow cohabitation between pedestrians, cyclists and cars.  Between rue Nationale and place Anne-de-Bretagne, the story of the Duchess is now told. Anne’s family tree and the route she took in Bretagne in the summer of 1505 are all little stories that shape the big story.


The Place Aristide Briand before called  the Place d’Armes and, commonly known as the Plaine, reflects classic architecture. There is our nice preferred central, public and free parking for all types of vehicles. There are squares marked on the ground for motorhomes, two places must be used at the head of the rows. Half of the parking is free without restriction. The other half, painted blue, is limited to 90 minutes (disc compulsory) and generally has more places. But we never had a problem on the free unlimited parking here. This is the square where the flea market takes place every Monday on the plaine from 8h30 to 14h. Thirty food stands offer you,  fruits and vegetables, cheeses, fish, meats, pancakes, coffees and various prepared meals . The rest is more clothing, leather goods, linens etc.


Around the Place Aristide Briand you ,also, have the Hôtel de Ville or city/town hall and the sub préfecture of Pontivy. The map of the city of Pontivy webpage in French: City of Pontivy map


The Maison des Trois Piliers (the house with three pillars), the only remaining example in Morbihan of a 16C porched house. It is located at rue du Docteur-Ange-Guépin; formerly place du Martroy, the front of which has a projection supported by three granite pillars . An emblem of the city and supported by it


I like to introduce on this post, two emblematic monuments of the city of Pontivy. First, the Chapelle Saint Ivy at rue Saint Ivy corner with the Place Bourdonnay-du-Clézio. The Chapel of Saint-Ivy or of the Congregation. Built in 1770_78 by the corporation (congregation) of artisans of the city, it replaced a previous chapel built in 1672 ;fallen into ruins which would have been the parish church of Pontivy, supplanted in the late 15C by the Church Notre-Dame-de-la-Joie . The chapel offers a facade in cut stone having used the porphyroid granite of the Pontivy batholith. According to tradition, it is on this site that Saint Ivy established his oratory at the end of the 7C. The chapel was restored from 1984 to 1989.


Another monument emblematic of the history of the city of Pontivy is the Monument de la Fédération Bretonne Angevin. Located on the small park with a fountain. It was setup in 1896 here in honor of the volunteers of 1790 who fought for the French Republic  with the motto, « Ni Bretons, ni Angevins, mais Français. » or Not Breton, Not Angevins, but French. The official site of the association is here in French: The Federation 1790 on the monument


The Square Lenglier is a small area inside the park of the St Joseph Imperial Church ,and here is a place for small concerts or big held by the city. It is a pretty park to relax after long walks in the city and well recommended in addition for the monument there, more of it later.


A bit of overall tourist office of Bretagne on Pontivy in English: Tourist office of Brittany on Pontivy

Hope you enjoy the walk on this historical city of Pontivy in the Morbihan breton of my lovely Bretagne. 

And remember, happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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