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February 13, 2020

The Blavet by Pontivy!

Well we like to think of rivers in France passing by city centers, come to mind the most famous Seine in Paris. However, there are litterally thousands little to medium to larger size towns here that have the same presence, except my town … However, one major river in Bretagne that passes by several towns is the Blavet.

I was in Pontivy (Morbihan 56) recently and would like to tell you a bit more about the Blavet river and canal.

The Blavet is a coastal river which flows in the departments of Côtes-d’Armor (22) and Morbihan (56) and empties into the Atlantic Ocean near Lorient. The Blavet is called ar Blavezh in the Breton language.


The Blavet river is 148.9 km long . The course can be divided into several sections: the Haut Blavet upstream of Gouarec, the section of the Nantes to Brest Canal from Gouarec to Pontivy, the section of the Blavet Canal from Pontivy to Hennebont and the estuary downstream of Hennebont. Halfway through, at the Nantes to Brest canal, its course is suddenly interrupted by the Guerlédan dam which gives birth to the largest artificial lake in Bretagne, Guerlédan Lake.

The Blavet river rises in the Côtes-d’Armor, at the limit of the Monts de Haute-Cornouaille and Trégor, 5 km southwest of the town of Bourbriac, at an altitude of 280 meters. Its course then merges with that of the Nantes to Brest canal to Pontivy. This channel is regulated by a system of locks built in the post-Napoleonic period. From Pontivy, and up to Hennebont where maritime navigation begins, the Blavet is artificially navigable for 59.6 km under the name of the Blavet canal thanks to the presence of 28 locks which allow it to cross a difference in height of 54 meters


The canalization of this river between Pontivy and Hennebont, planned in 1783, was not completed until 1825, following the decision taken by Napoleon I in 1806, to channel the Blavet to Lorient, and to connect it to a Nantes canal in Brest. Over a length of 60 km, the drop of 54 meters is bought by 23 locks. Floods can be very significant given the already large size of this river and its catchment area The maximum instantaneous flow recorded at Languidic during this period was 518 m3 / s on January 6, 2001, while the maximum daily value was 439 m3 / s on the same day.


Some webpages in French which provides more info or maybe only ones on the Blavet

City of Pontivy on the waters courses in town

The Canals of Brittany on the Blavet

And a wonderful source of bicycling along this marvelous water way starting in Pontivy. Cyclist be aware: The Green ways of bikes along the canal river Blavet

There always pleasant to be here, on Napoleonville now Pontivy and even one of my sons worked here for a while and of course we have visited the town several towns, more to come, stay tune.

And remember, happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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February 13, 2020

Hey , what about a hospital at Pontivy!

Ok i am not going there yet but  hey what about a hospital at Pontivy! There are sometimes wonderful historical buildings we passed by it every day without much realising this. I know I have wonderful ones in my old Versailles, but here we can count on some too even if less glamorous.

I like to tell you a bit on the hospital of Pontivy that always struck me when walking by it along the Blavet canal river. Hope you enjoy the curiosity of mine and the off the beaten path site!

There was an older hospital here goiong back to the early 1800’s when Napoléon I was around and the town was call Napoléonville! In November 9, 1804 it received the name of Napoléonville.  All is arranged to make this a model city with new architecture whereby the first stone was put on August 12 1807 in his presence. The town ask to be called Bourbonville after the first Restauration 1814-1815 (monarchy), and takes the name of Pontivy after the return of king Louis XVIII, later it comes back to be called  Napoléonville under Napoléon III. From  1870 the town regained the current name of Pontivy. Which of course in Breton is Pondi.


In August 2013: Pontivy Communité  (the metro area of Pontivy) acquires part of the old Pontivy hospital at place Ernest Jan and installs its administrative headquarters there.  January 1, 2017: Pontivy Communité has 25 towns for nearly 47,300 inhabitants. Its central city, Pontivy, has nearly 15,000.

The Center hospitalier du Center Bretagne (CHCB) is a hospital center in Morbihan and Côtes-d’Armor, before becoming the Center Hospitalier du Center Bretagne, the CHCB was 3 different entities: the Pontivy hospital, the Loudéac hospital and the Plémet Rehabilitation Center.


And so from an emperor to a king and a town then a metro area this is in short the Pontivy hospital. A grand architecture still can be seen along the Blavet river. Hope uou enjoy the curiosity of mine!

The Pontivy communité webpage in French: Pontivy Communité on its history

Official new hospital webpage: New Hospital of Pontivy

And remember, happy travel, good health , and many cheers to all!!!



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