Col du Portalet !!!

Well I told you we drive , anywhere! and we had plenty of opportunities over the years to go over the Pyrénées between my loves France and Spain. Even when there were no tunnels!!! It was a thrill. Now with the tunnels is a piece of cake!!!

I love one as the others posts in my blog. Let me tell you a bit more on the Col du Portalet and its port.

Col du Portalet

The Col du Pourtalet pass is a border crossing between France passing by the town of Laruns and Spain, between the Ossau valley and the Tena valley.  Located at an altitude of 1,794 meters, it overlooks the Cirque d’Aneou and offers a magnificent view of the Pic du Midi d’Ossau.

col du Portalet

The Col du Pourtalet pass proves to be a starting point for various excursions in the surrounding mountains. Snow is regularly present there from the end of October to the end of May.

On the Spanish side, there are several stores that are call  ventas or sales outlet). Because of the difference between French and Spanish taxes, many French people come to get their supplies,oh yes and everywhere along the long frontier.

Col du Portalet

The Col du Pourtalet pass was crossed only once by the Tour de France, in 1991, during the 13th stage between Jaca and Val-Louron. The Belgian Peter De Clercq won the stage.

You can do excellent skiing here at the Artouste station / Col du Pourtalet on the road D934 going to Spain. At Laruns ,you have spas , lake Artouste, and many other mountain activities which to me is reduce to going over by car!

The Col du Pourtalet is indeed an outlet for Sallent-de-Gallego, Panticosa, Tramacastilla in Spain. The tourist office of Laruns offers, with the office of guides and mountain guides, several walks around the Col du Pourtalet. In the heart of the Pyrenees national park, just before arriving at the Col du Pourtalet, the Cirque d’Aneou marks the border with Spain!

Col du Portalet

Not stay at the hotel Portalet, but pass by the road in front so a nice picture of it here:

The access to the col or pass or peak is from the tourist office base at Laruns more here in French it shows more info. Tourist office of valley of Ossau on transports

Info on the ski resorts there ,for information only ,never done it. Tourist office of the Valley of the Ossau on ski activities

Info on the Col du Portalet in French from tourist office of dept 64 Pyrénées Atlantiques: Tourist office of dept 64 on the Col du Portalet

And you try it, now it is highly recommended a thrill to do by car and the views are fantastic much better than my amateur photos! Enjoy the Col du Portalet sitting quietly between France and Spain.

And remember, happy travel, good health,and many cheers to all!!!



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