A covered market in Cordes!

So I am taking you down to my favorite area oh well there are so many here for us lol! However, this one we have family on wife’s side so I will tell you more as my favorite department 81!

I have written before on Cordes sur Ciel in my blog but i figure need to tell you more on the Halles so here it is.Hope you enjoy it as we do.

The Halles is a medieval hall in Cordes-sur-Ciel, a town in Tarn dept 81,  region of Occitanie. It is located in the center of the city near the highest point of the hill. It occupies a place at the crossroads of the main street, the current rue Raymond VII, the rue Saint-Michel which passes in front of the church and the perpendicular lane which descends towards the Portanel.

Cordes sur Ciel

In 1273, the town’s traders obtained the right to organize a party on Saint Bartholomew’s Day, patron saint of tanners, and in 1276, they covered the market place. Cordes becomes an important center of the craft of embroidery of fabrics and decoration of leather. This flourishing trade allowed the reconstruction of the Halle authorized by the lieutenant of the king in Languedoc. This grant dated 1358 should encourage the development of trade.

A bit on the construction of this wonderful building in the high city.

They are established on a stone paved and leveled area. Access is via steps, the number of which varies according to the level of the ground by 24 stone pillars with simple capitals of octagonal section. The functional aspect is without sculpture. One of them wears a ring that has been used for centuries to display animals for slaughter. The four-sided wooden frame has a roof of canal tiles. The perimeter has stone benches. The roof was redone in the 19C. For the pillars, no document allows to say that they were changed, but the multiple traces of repairs make doubt that they are still of the 14C.

Under the Halles, a cross is installed near the edge of a well. This well, filled since 1647 . A local team of speleologists has cleared the bottom and they reach down to 114 meters in 1961!. The bottom is paved with rectangular limestone and cut with care. The well itself is dug out of the rock with a diameter of 3 m by 13 m. This last part is built in limestone blocks. The water level does not vary around 12 meters, representing a volume of approximately 33 m3!

Some webpages to help you plan your trip to Cordes sur Ciel are

City of Cordes sur Ciel on heritage

Tourist office of dept 81 Tarn on Cordes sur Ciel

Another nice wonder of beautiful high city of Cordes sur Ciel (or some says Cordoba on heavens for the leather tanners story). Hope you enjoy the post and do stop by.

And remember, happy travel, good health and many cheers to all!!!


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  1. This is in a lovely part of France and I can understand why this is judged one of the prettiest villages.

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