Market days at Amboise!

Well I told you written plenty on Amboise in my blog, one of my favorite cities of my belle France. And we do shop here often during the year for goodies of the Amboise-Touraine area and plenty more from the Loire valley, here the valley of the kings!

There is a pack to see in Amboise, but when you walks its streets mingle with the local people and savored their goodies than you will come to realise the town is a lot more than a castle, and lucky to be not too far from it.! Let me tell you a bit more on its market or marché one of the best of France and we say so! We love the markets!!!

Strolling along the stalls of the Sunday market, will be pleased to introduce you to the world of great wines. Every Sunday morning the Marché d’Amboise market is held. This is the largest market in the Indre et Loire department, 37, some come from Blois, Montrichard, or Tours to shop here and for good reason.


You are invited to stroll from 8h to 13h30 along the market stalls in the city center, which takes place every Sunday morning, on the banks of the Loire, a 5-minute walk from the city/town hall, opposite the Post Office. It takes part in the attractiveness and the life of the city as well as in the surrounding towns, it is a meeting place for all the inhabitants of the region.

On the banks of the Loire at Amboise, the market brings together 215 traders on Sunday morning, distributed along four aisles of 500 meters. It is the most important in Indre-et-Loire. present on the market, there is a bit of everything: early vegetables, food products of the region, flowers, etc .

The Amboise market was selected among the finalists for the competition for the most beautiful market in 2019. The TV chain  TF1 announced in its afternoon edition the prize list of the competition “The most beautiful market in France” ; the market in Amboise, voted best market in the Centre-Val de Loire region!  by internet users, and came 12th in the national ranking!!


My family at it in Amboise!

The top 20 (over 200 markets competed)  winner’s list for reference is below and in black those we have been. Including the one in our capital city Vannes which I have plenty in my blog!

  1. Marché de Montbrison
    2. Marché de Dieppe
    3. Marché de Saint-Pierre
    La Réunion
    4. Marché d’Audruicq
    5. Marché des Halles de Narbonne
    6. Marché de Toucy
    7. Marché des Halles Municipales de Menton
    Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
    8. Marché de Vannes
    9. Marché des Halles de Niort
    10. Marché du Puy-en-Velay
    11. Marché de Brive-la-Gaillarde
    12. Marché d’Amboise
    Centre-Val de Loire
    13. Marché de Saint-Louis
    14. Marché du Moule
    15. Marché de Monsempron-Libos
    16. Marché de Fréry
    17. Marché de Prayssac
    18. Marché d’Honfleur
    19. Marché de Bernaville
    20. Marché de Chaource

Some webpages to help you plan your trip to the market here are

Contact the city of Amboise for information on events and hours, location when you do plan to come here: City of Amboise tourist office contact

The tourist office of Amboise Val de Loire on the market in English: Tourist office Amboise Val de Loire on the market in Amboise

There you go a wonderful competition to preserve the tradition of the best France can offer gastronomy and wines! Do visit a market is a must if visiting France, they are monuments to what you come to see in my belle France. Hope you enjoy it! The one in Amboise is tops!!!

And remember, happy travel, good health,and many cheers to all!!

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