A Basilica at Brugge, Belgium!

So in my rambling road warrior trips to Belgium on personal trips as on business took the Thalys  , I end up trying the Flemish city of Brugge or Bruges in French.  I happened to visit because of an important football player was going to have dinner and was to meet him and his family at a Spanish restaurant there! And that is how I end up knowing Brugge!

Before that, my trips there business or personal was at Brussels. It has been a while now base in France my subsequent trips have been plenty and we love to visit the country of Belgium. However on one particular trip to Brugge we end up doing a lot of walking as usual by us and came upon a very nice encounter. I like to tell you, finally, a bit of the Basilica of the Holy Blood

The Basilica of the Holy Blood is a pilgrimage place from a long time, explaining the procession of the Holy Blood and located on place du Bourg in Brugge, Belgium.


A bit of history I always like

Originally, there was a chapel dedicated to Saint-Basile, in the Romanesque style, erected at the beginning of the 12C. During the same century, it was built according to the wish of the then Count of Flanders, Thierry d’Alsace, who had brought back the relic of the Holy Blood because it was found in the Holy Land during the second crusade. This relic is brought back from Jerusalem by Leonius of Furnes, chaplain of Thierry d’Alsace then preserved in these places since 1150. Subsequently, the building was altered several times, as shown by the transitional style of its Gothic and Renaissance façade. Originally a simple church,it was raised to the rank of Basilica of the Holy Blood in 1923.

It is rather small and can best be describe as having on the ground floor, the Saint-Basile Chapel or Lower Chapel that has kept its Romanesque style and its imposing cylindrical pillars. It contains a bas-relief, dating from around 1300, which represents the baptism of Christ as well as a polychrome wooden Virgin.


Apart from a 12C Romanesque crypt, the basilica is continued by a beautiful spiral staircase from 1530 allowing access to the Chapel of the Holy Blood or Upper Chapel, in Gothic style and dating from 1480. This was also of Romanesque origin before being transformed; it allows you to discover the relic of the Holy Blood.


Every last Sunday of the month, a Mass in Latin according to the Tridentine rite (called Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite) is celebrated there by priests of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter.

You can read up more info here to help you plan your trip and it is a must to visit

Official Basilica of the Holy Blood

Tourist office of Brugge on the Basilica of the Holy Blood

And there you go folks another dandy in Brugge and my Europe to make it a must to visit. The whole area surrounding the Basilica of the Holy Blood is wonderful for walking ans soak in the history and architecture of the place. Hope you enjoy it

And remember, happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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