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February 4, 2020

Cocheras del Rey, San Lorenzo de El Escorial!

So staying in my beloved Spain and wonderful worldly San Lorenzo de El Escorial; I like to tell you more. It always amazes me of posts I make and concentrate on one major monument in the city or two leaving behind some wonderful architecturally and historically stunning buildings. This is the cas of San Lorenzo de El Escorial and its Cocheras del Rey (kings carriages). I like to finally tell you a bit more about it: hope you enjoy it as I

The  architectural and historical significance of it makes me turn to find it. We did walking the wonderful streets of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Below my translation of the tourist office.

The Cocheras del Rey (garage of the king) is a set of buildings dating from 1771 and was ordered by King Carlos III for his service and that of the Court, when the foundation of the Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

San Lorenzo

The whole was for a century at the service of the Royal House covering the transportation needs of people and luggage mainly during the autumn days, which was when the kings moved to the Escorial.

The part that is conserved of this set includes the Casa de los Oficios del Viaje( house of trades and trips), and Casa y Cuadra del Regalero (House and Stable of the Regalero) and a central garden, and is today private property, where a wide and valuable collection is shown that has as an argument the history of the life, activities and operation of the cocheras from 1771 to 1870, when it passed to individuals. The Collection is composed of a rich and varied sample of unique pieces: horse carriages, sleds, hand chairs, ties, furniture tools, maps, books, paintings, travel equipment, etc. since the 16C and mainly from the 18C and 19C.

The tourist office take on it here: Tourist office of San Lorenzo on Cocheras del Rey

Official webpage here; Official Cocheras del Rey in English

Another nice building to walk by and see it as part of the history of San Lorenzo de El Escorial , a lot more than a monastery! Hope you enjoy the story of the Cocheras del Rey.

And remember, happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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