A hospital and a fortress, museums of Toledo, Spain!!

So bringing you back to another of my favorite cities of my beloved Spain. And many times visited with family nearby over the years, and of course, never enough written on it or pictures! I do have several posts on the city of Toledo, Castilla La Mancha , Spain. I will try to tell you in my next posts the arts and museums of Toledo, but first a bit about the city’s location, good by train and already a post on that over the years the car is my second home.

Toledo is about 71 km (about 44 miles) from Madrid. From Toledo part the N-400, which connects this city with Cuenca by Ocaña and Tarancón.  There is now an excellent  A-40 Autovia or highway of Castilla-La Mancha, that unites Avila with Maqueda (where it links with the Extremadura highway), Toledo, Ocaña (where it joins the highway of Andalusia), Tarancón (where it connects with the highway of Levante, Valencia), Cuenca and Teruel. A former national road 401 Madrid-Toledo-Ciudad Real was transformed at the end of the decade of 1980 in the current A-42.

The general tourist office information is here:

Tourist office of Toledo: https://turismo.toledo.es/

Tourist office of Castilla La Mancha on Toledo: http://en.www.turismocastillalamancha.es/patrimonio/toledo/

Let me give you a bit more on the Alcazar and the Tavera hospital of Toledo! enjoy it so much in my lovely Toledo and beloved Spain!

At the Alcazar rebuilt in the 20C with traces going back to the 16C, and now housing since 2010 the Museo del Ejercito or Army Museum, another must to see in town.


The Army Museum of Spain, is the result of the merger of various military museums created throughout the 19C and early 20C. Its founding nucleus is constituted by that of Artillery and Engineers.


In 1803, at the request of Godoy (prime minister of Spain), the Royal Military Museum was created in Madrid, the most remote antecedent of the current Army Museum. It is one of the oldest Spanish museums and responds to the interest in Europe of the time for the conservation and dissemination of objects related to military history. Organically it depends on the Institute of Military History and Culture of the Army. The main areas here which is vast to cover on this post are the Old Tercios (army third battalions of Spain), the Royal Room ,Archaeological Remains, the Puerta de   Covarrubias gate , the Courtyard of Carlos V , and my favorite the history of artillery.

Official Army museumOfficial Army museum in English

Tourist office of ToledoTourist office of Toledo on the Army museum

The Hospital of San Juan Bautista is one of the most beautiful and representative monuments of the Spanish Renaissance that, in addition, exhibits, in a palatial atmosphere, an extraordinary pictorial, sculptural and movable collection of the Golden Age and the only hospital pharmacy of that time preserved entirely.

The first completely classic building in Castilla, also known as Tavera or Outskirts Hospital, because it is located outside the city, in front of the Bisagra gate, was born in the 16C with a double function: hospital for “the headdresses of different diseases ”and pantheon of its founder, Cardinal Juan Pardo Tavera. Its construction opens, in 1540, the program of architectural and urban renewal that the circle of humanists who surrounded the Emperor Carlos V projected to adapt the image of Toledo to his role as Imperial Capital.   This building began to be built in 1541.


The museum exhibits, in addition to an important collection of Flemish furniture and tapestries from the 16-17C, the aforementioned art gallery that gathers works by El Greco, Luca Giordano, Zurbarán, Tintoretto, Pantoja de la Cruz, Carreño de Miranda, Sánchez Coello, etc. In the museum there is a large archive of documents and numerous artistic works of great value are preserved: paintings by El Greco, Ribera, Tintoretto, Luca Giordano, Tiziano, Snyders and Jacopo Bassano, among others. They stand out one of the few portraits painted by Zurbarán and a copy of Carlos V on horseback in Mühlberg, of Tiziano (Prado Museum), painted by Sánchez Coello. Equally exceptional is the sculpture of the Risen Christ, by El Greco. In addition, it houses the building of the old pharmacy of the hospital. The unique spatial richness of the Tavera Hospital is evidenced in its courtyards, in the long bays of the old infirmary, church, sacristy, crypt allowing us to enjoy the beauty of the works of art that it treasures as the Sepulcher of Cardinal Tavera, work of Alonso de Berruguete, or the altarpiece of the Church, iconographic project of El Greco.


The Tavera Hospital building also houses the Historical Archive of the Nobility, a center under the Ministry of Culture and Sports (Government of Spain). In 1988, the State signed an agreement with the Ducal House of Medinaceli, owner of the building, whereby a part of it was ceded to house the Nobility Section of the National Historical Archive, which began operating in 1993 in its new offices, through the transfer of various noble funds that were guarded in the National Historical Archive. Since 2017, this center has been called the Historical Archive of the Nobility. It houses 270 noble archives, whose consultation is free and free, from Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 14h30. You can also visit their exhibitions. More on the nobility part here in Spanish: Minister of Culture and sports of Spain on the national nobility archive in Toledo

Tourist office of ToledoTourist office of Toledo on Tavera Hospital

Tourist office of Castilla La Mancha on Tavera hospital and museum: Tourist office of Castilla La Mancha on Tavera hospital museum

There you a proper combination of army museum and hospital museum in lovely Toledo and my beloved Spain, hope you enjoy it

And remember, happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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