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January 29, 2020

Torre del Reloj or clock tower, Jaca!

So let me bring you back to my vault of memories in my beloved Spain. I just happened to see a program on TV about it and told me hey I have pictures and very little coverage in my blog so here I am to tell you a bit more on it.

I like to tell you about the Torre del Reloj or clock tower of the wonderful Jaca, near the Pyrenees! And our road warrior architecturally, historically wonderful trips to my Spain.

Jaca is in the province of Huesca in the autonomous region of Aragon, On the axe Pau Zaragoza passing by the Somport tunnel (way back when I started coming here just pushing 2nd gear over the mountain trails!). It is in the heart of the Pyrénées in the valley of Aragon, parallel valley to the axis of the Pyrenees, at the foot of Mount Oroel. The city is on a depression of the Canal of Berdùn 818 meters below sea level. It is part of the metro area of the north of Aragon in the Jacetania.

By road as we do, we take it from France under Somport tunnel with the N134 France and then come out with the N330 Spain to direction Huesca, Zaragoza taken the panels for Jaca. (future expressway under construction as we passed last year with the new A21 linking all the major towns in Aragon, Navarra, and beyond. Stay tune for this

You can see the quaint Torre del Reloj or clock tower built in 1445 in Gothic style on the same spot of the Palace of the Aragonese kings that was destroyed by fire in 1395. It was once used as a prison. Then a work office of the region of Aragon, and since 1986 the HQ of the European Council Pyrenean Work Community. It can be seen Inside too by Calle(street)  Sancho Ramirez.


It is a rectangular tower, built with irregular stones and great slenderness. It is divided internally into four floors, illuminated by Gothic windows, some with tracery or geminates. The entrance gate is located on the north face at ground level and consists of a semicircular arch. In the recent restoration both the spire (currently covered with a four-sided roof) and the clock were removed.


It is in a nice walkable area of many things to see which I have written in my blog before and great places to eat , take a look. The clock tower is imposing as you turn the corner on the street and it is worth a detour to see it me think. Hope you enjoy

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

City of Jaca on the clock tower

Tourist office of Jacetania on the clock tower in English

There you go a nice monument me think on wonderfully beautiful old Jaca a must to visit while in my beloved Spain.

And remember, happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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