Museum and Library at Lavaur

And I go on with off the beaten path areas in off the beaten path Lavaur, the city by the Tarn dept 81 in region of Occitanie. A wonderful small town loaded with goodies to see and enjoy it me think.

I will touch briefly on these two as looking at the building from the Esplanade de Plô (see this post) I realise it was something nice but had no time as going to the big one there,the Cathedral. Nevertheless, point taken and mark for our  next visit to Lavaur , a sentimental town for us.


First the Museum or musée du Pays Vaurais is at 1 rue Jouxaygues not far from the monastery and cathedral.  The museum is being restructured, the permanent collections are not visible. Donc, so much for not visiting it , better when we are ready to see it.

Today the museum’s reserves ,several thousand objects, include rich collections of sacred art, fine arts, archeology, popular art and traditions as well as the workshop funds of the old factory Puget organ unique in the old Midi-Pyrénées region now part of Occitanie. One important collection is that of paintings/sculptures of the Cathedral of St Alain of Lavaur. A masterpiece of the first Southern Gothic, a few decades earlier than Sainte-Cécile d´Albi. The building constitutes a major milestone in the genealogy of the great Gothic churches of the Midi.

A first museum was created in Lavaur in 1898, within the City/Town Hall. It then benefited from some state deposits or donations. Abandoned, it was relaunched in 1952 by the Archaeological Society of Lavaur and called the Musée du Pays Vaurais. It then enriched itself with numerous donations and deposits. In 2002, the semi-associative establishment definitively became municipal.  Today, the museum is located in the former house of the Sisters of Christ, a large building bought by the the town of Lavaur in 2001.

City of Lavaur on the museum Vaurais country

My information came from the site museums of Occitanie in French here: Museums of Occitanie on the Vaurais of Lavaur

The Médiathéque Guiraude de Laurac media library, is in the former convent of the Sisters of Christ, between Saint-Alain cathedral and the Esplanade de Plô. The story goes that at the beginning of the 13C, Guiraude de Laurac, lord of Lavaur,(cathar believer) occupied the Château du Plô overlooking the Agout river valley. During the capture of the city by the troops of Simon de Montfort (against the cathars), she died assassinated on May 3, 1211, precipitated alive in a well. The sense of hospitality, the spirit of tolerance and the freedom of thought, which characterized the chatelaine of Lavaur have permeated in the city and founded the rascal identity. In homage to Dame Guiraude, the name of the media library has become established.

It is configure as such: On the ground floor: Reception area for lending and returning documents. And on the 1st floor: (2nd US) ,the teenagers & adults area with books for loan or on-site consultation: magazines, novels, documentaries, large print books, police, science fiction, local funds … The multimedia space offers a large collection of self-service CDs and DVDs, two music listening stations and a screen for viewing films, cartoons or documentaries.

City of Lavaur on the mediatheque in French

Official mediatheque of Lavaur in French

And there you go a brief detail ,noter, worth coming back for it, and on the schedule to see these, the boys would like it as I. Lavaur is nice deep in the Tarn and just lovely. I said worth a detour indeed

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!


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