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January 26, 2020

The Jardin de L’Évêché , Lavaur!

And coming right along on our road warrior trip to sentimental areas, and once again in the town of Lavaur, Tarn dept 81 of Occitanie region of my belle France. I have walked by here with the family several times.

This time on a sentimental trip without my dear late wife Martine, took the boys and our Rex , borador dog for a walk. This is the Jardin de L’Évêché or  Bishopric’s garden  of Lavaur and would like to tell you a bit on it finally in my blog.


The Jardin de L’Évêché or Bishopric’s garden of Lavaur. The garden of the Bishopric is an English park of 1855, flanked by two majestic centenary cedars c. 1875. The plan of the terrace is decorated with the statue of Las Cases , the memorialist of Napoleon Ier at Saint Helena. This statue made of low relief pedestal was inaugurated in 1865.


Perched on the belvedere overlooking the Agout river, these gardens offer a remarkable view of the Saint-Roch (or Lavaur) bridge, a monumental stone structure built between 1773 and 1791, and the eddies of the river. Known as a place of festivity (the Garden Festival takes place there every year in July) and tranquility, this space – very popular with locals and the curious is steeped in history. Became episcopal seat in 1317, the bishops decided to build a fortified palace in Lavaur organized around a central courtyard. In the 17C, they bought the land from the consuls and laid it out in vast gardens composed of French flowerbeds, a vegetable patch, and a fishpond.


During the French revolution, the palace and its annexes were destroyed. This space, which became communal property in 1852, was then transformed into an English garden in 1857. It was named Jardin Las Cases, in memory of the confidant of Napoleon Bonaparte in Saint Helena . It was later renamed the Garden of the Bishopric as in French, Jardin de L’Évêché. It is next to the wonderful Cathedral St Alain!

We had the opportunity this time to walk Rex our dog in it and it felled very nice, sad that one dear person was not with us but invigorating as she must fell we were back there again. Like I said, the trip was very sentimental.


One reason to stop by in Lavaur is this garden ,and the bridge and the monastery, and museum library and of course the Cathedral all around you, its awesome me think.

The city of Lavaur on its heritage in French: City of Lavaur on its heritage

The tourist office of the Tarn dept 81, the first picture is the Bishopric garden with an aerial view also included the Cathedral St Alain. Tourist office of the Tarn dept 81 on Lavaur

Hope you enjoy the tour and walk as we did /do in quant old beautiful Lavaur. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!




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January 26, 2020

Some news from Bretagne, XXVIII

And it has been a while not giving you news of my lovely region of Bretagne or Brittany or Breizh. Well been away on jobs and vacation so now is time to catch up on my marvelous region and its events coming up that I like. The weather has been cold down to 1C or 34F some rain but no snow ,or worse as in other parts of the country. Right now we are cloudy and 11C (about 51F= with lows of 7C . In looking at our eternal Paris they have it cloudy too but 45F degrees.

Discovery Walking Tours at Saint Gildas de Rhuys (in the Rhuys peninsula). For this outing at low tide, discover in the company of Gwen, the shells of our coasts (cockles, clams …). Travel by individual cars. Wearing boots and a bucket is recommended. Equip yourself with spoons or knives with round ends to facilitate fishing. Prices: € 6.50 / adult and € 5.00 / child (5 to 12 years old). Info & reservations essential at the latest the day before at Tel Mob +33 ( 0) 6 82 18 34 36. The next closest trips are schedule for February: Monday 10 (sea coef 106) at 9h45: March: Monday 9 (sea coef 99) at 8h45

Tourist Information Office, Rue Saint Goustan, Saint Gildas de Rhuys. Tel mob +33 06 82 18 34 36 More info here :

7 years later, without ever having left, Eiffel returns to the top of his game to defend on stage his 6th opus “Stupor Machine”. Romain Humeau and his three musicians are finally back with the same desire to do battle. Through inhabited and ambitious rock, the group proves once again that by constantly reinventing itself, it knows how to do what it does best: federate the troops while taking pleasure in being afraid. Next Saturday, March 28, 2020 Opening, La Pietà invites you into its quirky and multidisciplinary universe, a concentrate of edgy texts (in French!), Punk attitude, noise guitars, electro beats … A noisy and efficient live, that promises! More info here:  L’Echonova on Eiffel La Pieta

Sayag Jazz Machine is finally back on stage with a brand new album, 13 years after No Me Digas (don’t tell me). Embark on a crazy road movie, a clever mix of jazz, electro jungle and drum’n’bass with hip-hop accents accompanied by an electric flow. The show promises to be hot! Prices: addict 9 € • 12-25 years 10 € • presale 12 € • on site 14 € Info and reservations: 02 97 62 20 40 email: More info here:  L’Echonova on the sayag Jazz Machine
Above on the whole Hivernales du Jazz (Winter jazz) more info here: Les Hivernales du Jazz Festival

The Californians of The Mystery Lights are revisiting the golden age of US rock without nostalgic revivalism. Between garage-psyche of the 60’s, punk of the 70’s and well-felt synths, they are the spearhead of Wick, the rock division of the label Daptone. King Biscuit is back with his new album “Hammer it! “. A resolutely rocky blues blues, a fiddled experimental violin and careful arrangements that make you want to stamp your feet … we are already looking forward! This tray will be completed by Rod Hamdallah, discovery of this 15th edition, fed with antique blues and garage rock, soulful and nervous. After having scoured all the bars in Atlanta, he comes to preach the good word for the first time in France.  More info here:

All the above at the cultural concerts complex of St Avé,  L’Echonova, located at 1 rue Léon Griffon, 56890 St Avé. From the freeway N165 get off centre ville direction St Avé stay on the D126 towards city center and after the second traffic circle turn left you will see the complex Echonova well mark.

Something nice and serious to me. Come dance at the Grand Bal Masqué (mask ball) which will take place at the Palais des Arts in Vannes on Saturday February 1st at 20h30 (8:30 p.m.)  The INNER WHEEL Service Club in Vannes is organizing a major charity event for the benefit of the Vannes Association Faire Face Ensemble, (face it together) which has been working for 10 years to provide support, comfort and improved well-being to people with cancer and their relatives. Information:  Entrance fee 30 euros (1 drink and sweets)
Table reservation by SMS to mob tel +33 (0) 681141517.  Check payable to the Inner-Wheel Club of Vannes address: Hôtel le Roof-Presqu’île de Conleau-56000-Vannes
follow our facebook page: masked ball from the InnerWheel club in Vannes with more info here: Facebook page of the bal masque of Inner Wheel Club

This is a wonderful Association Faire Face Ensemble (Face it Together) that even if we did not need to use them it is worth recognising and help; their webpage in French is here: Association Faire Face Ensemble of Vannes

Festival Jeune Public or for young audiences Prom Nons Nous from January 27 to February 12, 2020. The Great Journey of Georges Poisson. The story goes that the evening of December 31, Georges Poisson, lighthouse keeper, invited Marinette and Lucienne to celebrate the new year. Outside, it’s a storm … Our two friends disembark in this strange place, breathless and soaked … 304 steps higher, Georges is not there. His boat is not there. If his boat is not there, it is worrying. It’s that he left. Left ? But where ? Go around the world? Marinette and Lucienne try to find the trace of their friend and take us on the great voyage of Georges Poisson. A spectacle that takes you into the imagination, into the unknown and the great adventure. More info here: Festival prom nons nous of young public on Georges Poisson

For the above: reservations at L’Hermine > Sarzeau Rue du Père Coudrin tel +33 02 97 48 29 40. Tickecting at

And to arrive at the above:  Cultural space Hermine – rue du Père Coudrin – 56370 Sarzeau. Direction take the freeway N165 to exit Sarzeau and continue on the road D780 to city/town center/downtown Sarzeau along allée des ducs de Bretagne panels well mark.

And how about a nice historical walk in quant old historical Auray!  Implanted at the bottom of a ria since the Middle Ages, the city of Auray has evolved over the centuries. You will be invited to discover the architectural and historical evolution of the city through four emblematic places: the castle, the city/town hall, the Saint-Gildas Church and the small theater. Places of power, prayer and culture. A stroll through Auray from the Middle Ages to the 20C.  Meeting place at Place du République (front of city/town hall) at 14h30. Visit time 1h30 to 2h. Payment on site, without reservation Tel +33 (0) 2 97 84 18 32.  And to know a bit more other than my posts in my blog here is the region tourist office of the Bay of Quiberon in English: Tourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on Auray

The Vannes Festival of Photos: 20 Years of the 2000 years. From Friday April 10th to Sunday May 10th the event 2000 to 20 years. This is the theme of Vannes Photos Festival for this new edition! On the program: the place of new technologies, ecological concern, the link to territories, to communities a great event indeed!. More info here: Official Vannes Photos Festival

The Morbihan Paddle Trophy West France on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June in the Gulf of Morbihan and in the Auray river. 6th edition of the Morbihan Paddle Trophy Ouest-France in the Gulf of Morbihan!! Be ready!! The program

Saturday June 15: 13h. The Grand Marche sur l’Eau (walk on water) (4.5km), non-timed and open to everyone between Le Bono and Auray. 14h. Derby Giants Sup and 100 m launched in the port of St Goustan. 18h SNSM (volunteer lifeguard at beaches and at sea wonderful group) in the port of Vannes. 20h dinner

Sunday June 16: 11h30 Elites long distance race (28 km) from Vannes (Kérino dry dock) to Auray.  12h30 long distance Raiders (16 km) from Locmariaquer to Auray.  13h. Leisure race (8.5km) from Baden (Dreven) to Auray.  13h Youth race (under 15) from Crac’h Fort Espagnol to Auray (7 km).  15h30. 1/2 final and final Derby Giants Sup and 100 m launched in the port of St Goustan. 16h Prize giving at Auray.

Prices:50€ Elite,40€ Raiders and Leisure, 25€ Young people (under 15). Info & reservations : Official Morbihan Paddle Trophy

The Ultra Marin Raid Golfe du Morbihan  is back ,and spend a pleasant sporting moment in an exceptional setting in Bretagne. A human adventure during which discovery, conviviality and solidarity take on their full meaning!  Grand Raid: 177 km of racing around one of the most beautiful bays in the world.  Raid 87 km; Trail 56 km, Customs round 36 km; Nordic walking 25 km . Team relay; Great solidarity challenge. Many friends here participating every year!! me watch lol!! More info here: Official Ultra Marin event

4th edition of the Quiberon Scrabbles Festival. From February 5 to 9, 2020, at Espace Louison Bobet. The CoupeJean Louis Genis February 5, TH3 10h- 14h 16h30. Etape du GrandPrix Coupe Originale Breizh February 6 and 7 TH4 in PO, 3 min per move :16:30 p.m. Etape du Grand Prix Scrabble Classic February 7 and 8. 2 nd rounds 9h30 to 10h30. Saturday 14h – 16h30. Sunday 9h30- 13h30 . Stage of the Grand Prize Prize list. More info here: Official Scrabbles Bretagne Festival at Quiberon

This is it for now winter reporting from my beautiful Morbihan in lovely Bretagne of my belle France! Hope you get the chance to enjoy one of these events.

And remember, happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all!!!





January 26, 2020

Monastery of Sainte Claire, Lavaur!

So continue on my saga of off the beaten path places in the beautiful cocagne and cathar countryside we stay in Lavaur. This is the Tarn dept 81 in Occitanie region of my belle France.

And will tell you about a little known place that was here we passed by it and look up but never imagine the history of it.  Again not much written on it either, a real find.

In 1398, a community of Clarisses settled in Lavaur. In 1642 the Sainte-Claire monastery was founded, then in 1685, the Order of the Daughters of the Cross.


The Monastery of the Clarisses founded in 1642 by Sérène de Vézins, a Clarisse nun from the Salin monastery in Toulouse. Destroyed during the French revolution, it was repair and brought back in 1802. The current chapel c. 1837, has housed since 1852, in a shrine, the body of Saint Clementine, Virgin and Roman martyr, discovered in a catacomb in Rome. A real story here


Unfortunately other than in some religious sites there is nothing in the tourist office on it. It is by the agout river and past the Esplanade de Plô (see previous post) at 1 rue Mairie.

The webpages available are

Monastical services of the Clarisses on the Ste Claire of Lavaur in French

Catholic Lavaur on the orders in town in French

As we did our walks along the last street bordering the river Agout we came up with lots of nice sites such as this one to see. And as always, the best is on foot, enjoy Lavaur and its monuments

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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