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January 26, 2020

The Jardin de L’Évêché , Lavaur!

And coming right along on our road warrior trip to sentimental areas, and once again in the town of Lavaur, Tarn dept 81 of Occitanie region of my belle France. I have walked by here with the family several times.

This time on a sentimental trip without my dear late wife Martine, took the boys and our Rex , borador dog for a walk. This is the Jardin de L’Évêché or  Bishopric’s garden  of Lavaur and would like to tell you a bit on it finally in my blog.


The Jardin de L’Évêché or Bishopric’s garden of Lavaur. The garden of the Bishopric is an English park of 1855, flanked by two majestic centenary cedars c. 1875. The plan of the terrace is decorated with the statue of Las Cases , the memorialist of Napoleon Ier at Saint Helena. This statue made of low relief pedestal was inaugurated in 1865.


Perched on the belvedere overlooking the Agout river, these gardens offer a remarkable view of the Saint-Roch (or Lavaur) bridge, a monumental stone structure built between 1773 and 1791, and the eddies of the river. Known as a place of festivity (the Garden Festival takes place there every year in July) and tranquility, this space – very popular with locals and the curious is steeped in history. Became episcopal seat in 1317, the bishops decided to build a fortified palace in Lavaur organized around a central courtyard. In the 17C, they bought the land from the consuls and laid it out in vast gardens composed of French flowerbeds, a vegetable patch, and a fishpond.


During the French revolution, the palace and its annexes were destroyed. This space, which became communal property in 1852, was then transformed into an English garden in 1857. It was named Jardin Las Cases, in memory of the confidant of Napoleon Bonaparte in Saint Helena . It was later renamed the Garden of the Bishopric as in French, Jardin de L’Évêché. It is next to the wonderful Cathedral St Alain!

We had the opportunity this time to walk Rex our dog in it and it felled very nice, sad that one dear person was not with us but invigorating as she must fell we were back there again. Like I said, the trip was very sentimental.


One reason to stop by in Lavaur is this garden ,and the bridge and the monastery, and museum library and of course the Cathedral all around you, its awesome me think.

The city of Lavaur on its heritage in French: City of Lavaur on its heritage

The tourist office of the Tarn dept 81, the first picture is the Bishopric garden with an aerial view also included the Cathedral St Alain. Tourist office of the Tarn dept 81 on Lavaur

Hope you enjoy the tour and walk as we did /do in quant old beautiful Lavaur. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!




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