The Halle aux Grains, Lavaur!

So I am sticking around Lavaur, a sentimental favorite. Down by the Tarn dept 81 in the region of Occitanie right in cocagne and cathar country! And after doing lots of visits and walks finally got some pictures lol!

One of the sights you see entering the city and finding parking at the allée Jean Jaurés is this imposingo circular building. The Halle aux Grains, well it was to stock silk then grains and now its a cultural center with great events in the city.

Let me tell you a bit on it ok

The Halle aux Grains at Place Stalingrad, Lavaur. It was built from 1879 to 1881 by Guillaume Aurignac, architect of the city. On the ground of the cooler (former underground ice warehouse) it was intended for the silkworm cocoon market, which lacked space at the Old Market. It is hexadecagonal and offers a lot of space because it has no pillars.


The fall of the silk trade in the Vaurais, at the end of 19C, confined it only to the sale of grains. The central lightning rod vane represents a winged dragon no info as to why is there but leyend says it was to dissuade the grain thieves or bird eaters of the grain.


It is now part of the cultural calendar of the town of Lavaur and if there is an event you can see the inside. One of the photo shots with my dear late wife Martine and a must stop by when in town by us now.

And as we were right in city center, we decided it was time for lunch , and again came back to an old favorite with the family right at the traffic circle coming in from the road D112 from Toulouse and walking distance 3 minutes on foot to the Halle aux Grains. This is the Les Américains as known at 1 allée Jean Jaurés or the full name Le Grand Café des Américains. A great place in town known by all; every weekend, they offer a live musical group to liven up your evening. And the evenings of major football and rugby matches will be broadcast on a flat screen. And great tripel karmelite Belgian beers to boot with Guinness with formule or menus at 12€! expresso coffee and it came out to just a bit over 17€ and our wonderful good boy dog Rex was allowed in too!!! And he behave wonderfully too!!! Always a perfect stop in Lavaur!




REX at Les Américains Lavaur 81!!!

A bit of webpages on the heritage of Lavaur here: Tourist office of Tarn Agout on Lavaur heritage in French

Restaurant Les Américains of Lavaur

Enjoy Lavaur, the Tarn and Occitanie, and remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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