The garden promenade of Plô,Lavaur!

And now I take to some off the beaten paths of off the beaten path town of Lavaur. It is in the Cocagne country of pastels and Cathar tradition and very sentimental to me as mentioned before do not want to repeat.

We have come here many times and did walks all over for reminicents times, but hardly not to many pictures. I guess when you have it no need to show it. This time came with my 3 young men and our dog Rex and walk again all over but did took pictures.

Therefore, let me tell you a bit on the Esplanade de Plô in Lavaur, the Tarn dept 81 of Occitanie in my belle France.

Le Plô is the site of the Lavaur castle which no longer exists. The Plô site, bought from the king by the consuls in 1622, was laid out as a public promenade and then as an esplanade from the 17C. The Esplanade du Plô, will immerse you in the history of the Cathars as you can imagine the bonshommes trying to repel the troops of Simon de Montfort besieging the city to capture and kill these heretics. This epic past, this site has now become a place of rest, calm and relaxation where you can soak up the charitable soul of Dame Guiraude. It is the ideal place for an improvised nap or a family picnic!   Petanque or here Boules lovers, a bowling alley or Boulodrom awaits you!


It , also ,has wonderful views over the river banks and valley of the Agout, the main river here. It is worth the detour to see the natural beauty of this area and think of the history above that took place here!  A bit on the river if I may.

The Agout river passes in the two departments of Hérault and Tarn, in the Occitanie region. It is an important left tributary of the Tarn river, therefore a sub-tributary of the Garonne river. The length of the Agout river is 194 km . In the dept 81 of the Tarn it passes by the towns of Brassac, Castelnau-de-Brassac, Castres, Coufouleux, Giroussens, Burlats, Lavaur, Rabastens, Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe, and Vielmur-sur-Agout. For info much of these have written in my blog.


Its flow was observed over a period of 56 years (1946-2001), at Lavaur. The river catchment area at this location is 2,300 km2 (or approximately 66.3% of its total which is 3,497 km2.). After a passage in the Tarn river, then the Garonne river , the waters of Agout river will finish their race in the Atlantic Ocean. The official vigicrues or river levels in France on the passing by Lavaur in French is here: Official Vigicrues river water levels on the Agout at Lavaur in French


The town of Lavaur in French has plenty on the things to see and pdf files on the heritage and history not to mention on doors which seems to be a popular post in several blogs in wordpress….::) City of Lavaur on heritage in French

And my info translated came from the tourist office of the Tarn dept 81 on the Plô here in French: Tourist office of the Tarn dept 81 on the Le Plo of Lavaur

And voilà the quant old Lavaur and its off the beaten paths beauties, hope you enjoy it and do pass by on your rounds in cathar country! Love Lavaur!

And remember, happy travels  good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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