The streets of Lavaur!!

So been in the lovely Toulouse could not resist visiting Lavaur for sentimental reasons. We have crisscross this beautiful cathar area of France for many years, and Lavaur is the native town of my dear late wife Martine ,late father Pierre, who still had cousins in the area but now move further closer to Gaillac.

We spent many trips walking the streets of this lovely old town of the Tarn dept 81 in Occitanie and been so close could not avoided visiting it again this time only with the boys. Hope you enjoy it too on your way out of Toulouse into Cathar country!

We came in as always from Toulouse on the road D112 right into city center  Lavaur and parked free at the Allée Jean Jaurés by the grains market of old.  Before thus as you turn into the parking you come into a small square call the Place  de la Patience and a very nice fountain statue , a very nice way to welcome you into the town.



You can help it but see the enclosed canopy at the beginning of the alley sort of like a rest stop for the sights and bus routes of the town of Lavaur.


You could go on walking all along this alley (allée Jean Jaurés) along the road and past the halle aux grains or grains market that will tell you later.


You come across a real kiosque à musique  or music kiosk walking towards the city/town hall of Lavaur and right in front of a school.


And you do come to the end which is the Mairie or city/town hall of Lavaur , a nice building as usually they are.


And you get an idea of the quant old town that Lavaur is with a rich history some of which will tell you in the next posts. Enjoy Lavaur, in the Tarn in Cathar country of old, the traditions and history of my belle France. Hope you have enjoy the walk and see the capital of the Cocagne country=Lavaur. The tourist office in French of this traditional town is Tarn Agout (the rivers) here: Tourist office of the Tarn Agout area on Lavaur

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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