Port Saint Sauveur, Toulouse!

So moving right along to the edges of the city of Toulouse and walking do the talking we came upon an area not seen before alas! So much to see in my belle France I am telling you! We were walking along the big boulevard and alleys seeing gardens and museums buildings and look up this spot so decided to take a closer look.

As usual for us, we hit a dandy. The Port Saint Sauveur is wonderful and great food with a Cuban beat lol! This is pure Canal du Midi folks down under!!! Enjoy it


The Port Saint-Sauveur district is a small district on the edge of Toulouse city center, attached to district 1. It is located southeast of the historic center, between the Canal du Midi and Boulingrin (Grand Rond garden). Its name comes from one of the two river ports of Toulouse located on the Canal du Midi, the other being the port of l’Embouchure. These ports are intended for the management of goods passing through the canal.

A bit of translation from the city of Toulouse.

A stopover at Port Saint-Sauveur allows you to discover a city steeped in history, very lively, and full of charm. The port, close to all shops, well served by public transport, is still popular with French and foreign customers. In 2008, it won the Stopover Trophy in the freshwater category for its action in favor of respect for the environment and the quality of the services provided to boaters. Since 2014, the Saint-Sauveur port has been awarded the Pavillon Bleu. This label created by the French office of the foundation for environmental education in Europe in 1985, promotes sustainable actions in favor of a quality environment carried out by the port.


The Port St-Sauveur was inaugurated in September 2001 and is the result of the will of the Voies Navigables de France (VNF) and of the City of Toulouse to create a reception point for boaters who use the Canal du Midi. The Capitanerie or Harbor Master’s Office, which today accommodates yachtsmen, was the old hangar for storing goods. Magisterially restored, it offers a large reception area with a breathtaking view of the Canal du Midi.


With a capacity of around 40 berths, the port receives an average of 400/450 boaters per year: speedboats, barges, rental boats, a few sailboats, etc. The boats are passing boats which can stay from 1 night to the week or even the month, but also wintering boats which will spend 6 months or more, from October to March-April. Each year, more than 40 boats are received in winter. Since 2017, boaters have had 24-hour access to sanitary facilities and the Harbor Master’s Office. The port benefits from a very good frequentation: a French clientele, but also foreign with mainly English, Australian, German, American, Belgian, and Swiss.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip are

City of Toulouse on Port Saint Sauveur

Private site on the Canal du Midi webpage on the Port Saint Sauveur

A dandy trip while enjoying the seafood and fish on a wonderful resto by the canal blaring Cuban salsa music to our delight!! Enjoy the Port Saint Sauveur a bit out of central Toulouse!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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