Other eateries of Toulouse!

So already written on a institution here in Toulouse, Le Loubechem at pl Victor Hugo (see previous post in my blog), I come to the other finds of this trip.

We had several runs of drinks and quick meals but will post the most memorable ones of our trip here, just for the memories. Hope you enjoy it too

The first one we encounter by just walking around Place Esquirol where we had parked my car. We came upon L’Esquirol bar just facing us right on.


This was a one stop deal, we came in with our dog Rex and voilà they accepted it in the terrace which was fine. He love it outdoors and ate too lol!!! We had our usual beers and me menu entrée of seafood goodies and then a pizza chévre miel all down with a fondue de chocolat and expresso coffee all for 22€ per person which included lots of beer pints lol!


no webpage but my fav tips place YELP has some guidance. Yelp on the bar L’Esquirol Place Esquirol

Then, on another we were tempted for ice cream go figure with crazy boys hanging around Toulouse, they decided wanted to eat ice cream!! in January! and remember the good place of Haagen Dazs at Place Wilson so we went for it. Another dandy as very receptive to our dog Rex in upper floor and lots of goodies with coffees and of course ice cream.





The official webpage is here at Place Wilson; Official Haagen Dazs at Pl Wilson Toulouse

And we came to the dandy of them all a new find and sure to be back here. This is at  Port Saint Sauveur on the Canal du Midi section and we found Le Bistro du Port. Super friendly service upper floor view of the marina and canal, Cuban salsa blaring on loud speakers and great seafood .fish beer combination. And of course, our Rex! Recommended.


I had as entrée another round of seafood platter with lots of shrimp and then a salmon steak very nicely done! for dessert another round of Fondue de Chocolat and the local blonde beer of the house all for 18€ per person! nice



No webpage of course but they do have a Facebook page here: Facebook on Le Bistro du Port Toulouse

In all a nice short trip where we walk a lot , had fun , found new places to see and eat and came back loaded with goodies. Enjoy the pink city of  Toulouse, there is more to my belle France than my eternal Paris! Bon appétit!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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