Streets of Toulouse, part II

So did I say we walk on our trip to the pink city of Toulouse to start big 2020! yes we did walk a lot but that is usual for us on our trips. We go by car for convenience but once in town we let our feet do the walking and we love it.

I have written a previous post on our street walking in Toulouse back on Jan 9 2020. For some reason wordpress dated backward on my post sequence. You can see it.

One of the beauties here is to walk along the quays and the Garonne river and or Canal du Midi, and see the quant boats. Just a sublime sight and we love it. One of the emblematic sight is the boat boutique La Violette at Blvd Bonrepos near the train station Matabiau. For the record we had purchase here, web info:La Maison de la Violette Toulouse


Moving into the city we come along several nice monuments posted on the avenues of Toulouse. One of these is the Monument to the combattants de la Haute Garonne, at the Allée Forain-François Verdier near the crossing with the rue de Metz.


You can go on with wonderful monuments in different parts of the city of Toulouse such as the Monument to the Combattants de 1870 at the Allée Jules Guesde.


One wonderful square we always crossed it on foot and by car and very lively is the Place Wilson or rather Place du Président Thomas Wilson. From here to heavens in Toulouse you have the Capitouls nearby.


Of course these are not all , it will take me a book but these are nice ones that I have taken a picture so will show them.

And of course, there are monuments that had no time to go in and passed by them again or first time. This is the case of the Théatre Sorano created in 1694  on the former auditorium of the National History Museum of Toulouse. A grandiose area to see many nice things in the city and fantastic walking tour. For the record and my future visit, the webpage is here: Official Theatre Sorano of Toulouse


There you go a nice place at the Allée Jules Guesde and near other museums and gardens of the pink city of Toulouse.

Of course, as said these are not all it will take you a book,but rather nice areas in which I have a picture. Toulouse is loaded , greatly underrated and worth a detour indeed. Enjoy Toulouse

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. It looks like a beautiful and serene city to walk through. Good rugby team too, I understand. 😉 👍

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