Church of St Exupère, Toulouse

In my continuing walks with my boys we did a lot of walking and came by area that normally we would just bypass or briefly walk on them, this time we took more time. And as usually the case with time, we saw a lot more of the beautiful monuments this time of the pink city of Toulouse.

One of these monument in the off the beaten path way was the Church of St Exupère, and I like to tell you a bit on it ok

The Church of Saint-Exupère is of baroque style which is located in the old district of Saint-Michel on the right bank at Allées Jules Guesdes. Its small octagonal bell-tower shelters a carillon of 14 bells. Built from 1620 to serve as a chapel with the barefoot Carmelites, a religious order resulting from the reform of Carmel, it was inaugurated in 1623 under the name of Saint Joseph.


Abandoned from the French revolution to the Concordat (1801), it was again worshiped and consecrated in 1807 under the new name of Saint Exupère, bishop of Toulouse in the 4C. The statue of Saint Joseph and the infant Jesus on the facade is from 1658.

The choir Christ behind the tabernacle and the wooden statues and, from Saint Rose of Lima, in the first half of the 17C. There is a nice Christ on the Cross. The choir, which originally had a fence, was transformed in 1807 also the pulpit. There is a nice chapelle des Pénitents by Jean-Baptiste Despax. The nave is decorated with plasterwork from the 17C, with paintings painted in the 17-18C. Among this set “La Transverbération de Sainte Thèrèse d’Avila” by the Italian painter Antonio Verrio who spent two years in Toulouse.


In the Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Salette chapel, there is an anonymous painting of Saint Teresa of Avila restored to the church after the French revolution. In the first chapel on the left, a 17C painting representing “The Virgin and Child Jesus appearing to a Carmelite monk”


The current organ is remarkable. It was made in 1887 by the house Théodore Puget. Jacques-Pascal Virebent is the author of the grandstand with an organ column, with its four turrets, its three sideboards, its musician cherubs, its flower pots and its foliage friezes sculpted in the Baroque manner.


There is only the parish site as not considered a tourist attraction in fact they showcase usually in Heritage days in France or Journée de Patrimoine.

Catholic Parish of Toulouse on Church St Exupère

There you go a nice place to visit in a wonderful area full of gardens and museums. Do not forget to enter this church. St Exupère was a wonderful discovery in my Toulouse

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!


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