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January 19, 2020

The aviation and aeronautics at Toulouse!!!

If you are in Europe at least, you know Toulouse is the center of aviation and space home of Airbus and others. I have been here visiting on business trips and decided as we were there to take my sons. Unfortunately the places were either close for the season or inventory. Nevertheless , we stop by to say the boys were here and remind us to be back for a better visit.  As said , I have visited on a pro visit part of my job…I will give the civilian view from the outside on this post.

This is another of the wonderful choices in Toulouse, whether going north to the Airbus visit or south to the Cité de l’Espace. However, for the lover of old airplanes there is a place too in Ailes Ancienne or old wings depot near the Airbus installations. And course, the Aeroscopia museum. Let me tell you briefly a bit on them.

Let me tell you first about the visit to Airbus. We went by car of course… Allée André Turcat, 31700  BLAGNAC. However, you can come on tramway as well. Tramway Line 1 -stop/ Arrêt “Beauzelle” and walk about one km or .6 mile. Easy me think.


Aviation enthusiasts will not want to miss the visit of the queen company in Toulouse country: Airbus! Manatour organizes a visit in three stages. The first allows amateurs to discover the A380 from every angle, through the presentation of its program and its certification campaign. The second invites you to discover the company from a lookout integrated into the factory: the entire production process of the A380 is detailed. The third, a novelty appeared in 2018, allows you to board the MSN1, the trial version of the A400M military aircraft! A smart formula allows you to buy a ticket coupled with a visit to the beautiful Aeroscopia museum.


The classic Airbus A380 circuit which presents the A380 from the point of view of production processes: replica of the telemetry room: certification campaign & flight tests, lookout point of the A380 assembly site: process production, full-size model of the A380 (16-meter section): cabin layouts.  The Airbus A380 “Discovery of Trades” option, which allows students to discover a variety of trades offered in the aeronautical industry. Through the same stages as the “classic” Airbus A380 circuit, students discover the trades of: maintenance mechanic, test engineer, design office engineer, boilermaker, cell fitter, cabin designer, etc. The best visit is by groups but individuals can do it too. My collegues designed the wing of the A380 and another flew the maiden flight from Toulouse to Hamburg.


The official Manatour of Airbus

Tourist office of Toulouse on the Airbus visit

Aeroscopia is a French aeronautical museum located in Blagnac, near the AéroConstellation site, and Airbus. It hosts in particular two copies of the Concorde, which opened on January 14, 2015. The building is located opposite the Jean-Luc Lagardère factory, on the Pinot site in Blagnac. The farm of Pinot, adjoining the site, dating from the 18C, which had been used as a leisure center for the children of Blagnac before being sacked in 2010, will be renovated and will serve as a basis for the associations which participate in the project and restore the aircraft, as well as a luxury restaurant and a seminar center.


A large part of the planes on display will be loaned by the association Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, whose restoration site is located next to the museum, but also Airbus Heritage and the Air and Space Academy (ANAE). Some of the planes on display are the Concorde, F-BVFC, MSN209 in the colors of Air France.  Caravelle 12, F-BTOE, MSN280 in the colors of Air Inter, last example built and the A400M-180, F-WWMT, MSN001 parked since July 16, 2015.  The construction in 2019 of the new tarmac north of the museum allows the reception of additional aircraft from local companies Airbus and ATR. The transfer of planes between the Airbus “Lagardère” site and the museum takes place over a week, at the rate of one aircraft per day: ATR 72-600, F-WWEY, MSN098 in ATR colors, transferred to site on August 26, 2019, first copy of 72 in its 600 version

Airbus A340-600, F-WWCA, MSN360 in the colors of Airbus, transferred to site on August 27, 2019, first copy of the A340 in its 600 version Airbus A320-111, F-WWAI, MSN001 in the old Airbus colors, transferred to site on August 28, 2019, first copy of the A320: inauguration on February 14, 1987 in the presence of Lady Diana and Prince Charles, first flight on February 22, 1987.   Airbus A380-800, F-WXXL, MSN002 in the colors of Airbus, transferred to site on August 29, 2019, second copy of the A380. The two decks of this aircraft can be visited, as well as the cockpit.  ATR 42-300, F-WEGC, MSN003 in the old colors of ATR, transferred to site on August 30, 2019, third copy of 42. This copy is decorated in the colors of MSN001 and bears the registration F-WEGA.

Inside and ok for the visit are the Concorde, F-WTSB, MSN201 (ANAE), it is a pre-production device which has been used, among other things, to transport several presidents of the French Republic.   Airbus A300B4-203, F-WUAB, MSN238 (Airbus Heritage), decorated in the colors of the prototype, instead of dismantled MSN001. The interior can be visited. In the first section, transparent glazing allows you to see the structure and systems of the aircraft, while in the following sections are shown first-class and VIP47 fittings. Super Guppy from the association Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, the device which was used to transport sections of Airbus is exposed with the door open, and a gangway allows access to the hold where a film is projected. The opening was not an easy task, the device has not been opened for 15 years. The assistance of the former airplane mechanics was essential to allow a safe opening.


Official Aeroscopia museum

Tourist office of Toulouse on the Aeroscopia museum

Les Ailes Anciennes is an association of passionate aeronautical enthusiasts who, for almost forty years, have saved and restored aircraft of all types. Its collection is one of the largest in France. They opens their renovation workshops to visitors to share with them the passion for aeronautical history. Some models are on display at the Aéroscopia museum, located next door (see above). On the program, civil and military aircraft: Breguet 941, Dassault Mirage IVP, Hawker Hunter, MiG-21 “Fishbed” … You can also admire helicopters such as a Eurocopter Écureuil, an Alouette III dear to high-rescuers mountain or even contemplate the atypical “flying banana”, the Piasecki H21! Cockpit days are organized several times a year, they allow you to board these legendary aircraft….



Official association of old wings or ailes anciennes

Tourist office of Toulouse on the Ailes Anciennes old wings

And last but not least you go on the other side of Toulouse south of the city away from the above in Blagnac. This is on the rocade of the A61 exit/sortie 17 and follow the signs.

The Cité de l’Espace is a center of scientific culture oriented towards space and space conquest, devoted as much to astronomy as to astronautics. The Cité de l’Espace was inaugurated in June 1997.


The Cité de l’Espace allows you to discover the full-scale replica of the Ariane 5 rocket (53 meters high), the Soyuz spacecraft and the Earth observation satellite ERS. You can also visit an engineering model of the Mir space station with all its equipment. It is also equipped with an observation dome, La Coupole de l’Astronome.


The Cité de l’Espace is also endowed with numerous exhibitions, often interactive: thus the control room makes it possible to prepare the launching of a rocket, to assist in its takeoff, its flight and then the putting into orbit of a satellite. The Terr @ dome (half a terrestrial globe 25 m in diameter) presents a quiz on extreme life on our planet. The Astralia,  offers shows all day long thanks to a planetarium with 280 seats, equipped with a hemispherical screen of 600 m2 and a 300-seat IMAX cinema that projects a film on the space in relief composed of images and sequences filmed in space. For the youngest, shows are broadcast in the Stellarium, a planetarium with 130 seats. It is also used for short general shows, such as the film Astronauts.



Official Cité de l’Espace in English

Tourist office of Toulouse on the Cite de l’Espace

There you a whole world of aviation and aerospace awaits you in the pink city of Toulouse, the European center of these activities and fun for the whole family. You can easily spend several days here! me think.

So do not think anymore Toulouse is just for old monuments, the future is here too. Enjoy the pink city of Toulouse.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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January 19, 2020

Some news from France, CCXCVIIII

And as trips goes cannot be too far from my run of some news from France. There has been a lot going on since I left on a little trip to Toulouse/Lavaur (more coming up)  .However, its time to tell you what is going on and some tips.

There are strikes all over France , as said this is a rather a customs than a nuisance unless you need to go to work in Paris region of Ïle de France. We were in Toulouse the day of a big strike but it was all confined to Saint Cyprien areas and we did not notice anything until we were back and saw the news lol!!!

So therefore, if coming in the next month read the news as some of your transport option may not be available in France. Here are the latest scoops.

The social protest was deployed in several forms yesterday  Saturday January 18 2020 in Paris as a protest against the pension reform, the Gilets Jaunes or Yellow Vests took part in their 62nd protest in the streets of Paris. A relatively large crowd, compared to the past few weeks. Leaving the Porte de Champerret around 11h, the procession joined the Gare de Lyon in a very hostile climate. The demonstrators recalled their global opposition to the policy led by Emmanuel Macron and the government . Mobilizations also took place in many cities in France such as Marseille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Toulouse, and Clermont-Ferrand, where lawyers marched there alongside Yellow Vests and Unionists.

Who set fire to the famous restaurant La Rotonde? Has the legendary Montparnasse brasserie, prized by Emmanuel Macron (he celebrated his winnings there), been the target of arsonists? Against the background of political demands? The police officers of the territorial direction of security of Paris, to whom the Paris public prosecutor’s office entrusted the investigation, asked themselves the question and raked the scene of the restaurant !La Rotonde, 105, boulevard du Montparnasse (6éme), in search of indices. Stay tune for more

Thirty people gathered Friday in Paris in front of the Bouffes du Nord Theater where Emmanuel Macron attended a performance. According to the Elysee Palace, the president was “secure” for a few minutes but was able to attend the performance until the end.

The historic strike at the Opera Garnier may be prolonged, for lack of compromise between the artists and machinists, attached to their special pension scheme, and the gov of Macron determined to abolish it. This Saturday, 200 people from all trades at the Opera, but also from the “Maison de Molière”, organized a free concert in front of the Palais Garnier. In front of a dense crowd, the orchestra and the choir of the Paris Opera performed, among other things, an extract from “Carmen” by Bizet and “La Marseillaise”, with loud applause or “long live the strike!” launched by spectators. This new show was organized as part of the protest against the pension reform.

So these events will continue and you were told here, be prepared.

It is a sea or rather freshwater snake which resurfaces. Like others before her, candidate Anne Souyris, head of the environmental list in the 13éme arrondissement, dreams of reviving the Bièvre! , this river buried since the beginning of the 20C in Paris. Based on studies carried out by the Parisian Urban Planning Workshop (APUR) in 2000 and the Paris Region Institute (formerly IAURIF), the project studied at the time by the architect Pierre-Marie Tricaud, and now carried by the ecologist, aims to make the forgotten river flow in Parc Kellerman (13éme), Square René-Le Gall (13éme and the Natural History Museum (5éme). New: the project will also be accompanied by a green corridor along the route of the Bièvre for pedestrians, cyclists and soft mobility. In the longer term and based on feasibility studies, Anne Souyris wants to reopen canals connecting these green spaces and develop a “blue flow” from the ring road at the Porte des Peupliers to the Seine river up to Austerlitz.  This is a political promise as such it rest to her to win and see the outcome. Source: Le Parisien newspaper

Brief history : The Bièvre is a river that rises in Guyancourt (Yvelines dept 78) and once flowed into the Seine river near the Gare d’Austerlitz station after a 33 km journey through the Essonne (91) , Hauts-de-Seine (92) and the Val -de-Marne (94) departments. It entered Paris (75) at the Poterne des Peupliers and crossed the 13éme and 5éme arrondissements. It was covered at the beginning of the 20C and its route diverted towards the sewers of Paris. If the Bièvre river still follows its natural course for around twenty kilometers, in Paris, there are only commemorative plaques scattered throughout its route today. In Paris see it better at my usual business spot rue de Bièvre, name so because the river passes by here underneath still….

Here all about it;  Nearly 500 employees will be recruited before the New York hotel reopens on June 15 2020. In five months, it will have welcomed its first customers. Closed for a year for a major renovation on the Marvel theme, one of the three universes of the Disneyland Paris extension, the New York hotel is in the process of recruiting personnel.ok. More here: Disneyland Paris Hotel New York

And one of my magical spots in my old beloved Yvelines dept 78 Marly-le-Roi

Built in 1679, the Château de Marly (Yvelines 78) and its park only welcomed the Sun King and his friends, far from the noises of Versailles. The museum of the royal domain, which recounts this era, reopens on Saturday January 18 2020. There, the king had built a palace and a garden reserved for the elite of the elite. The Musée du domaine de Marly, which reopens on Saturday after three years of work in a revised version, is working to restore it. Because unfortunately, of the castle itself, only ruins remain: it was destroyed in 1806. The vast park, always very pleasant for a walk, has only kept its plan and some of its many pools , like the l’Abreuvoir. Another wonder was to make Marly an object of fascination across the continent: Its machine! To supply the multiple fountains with gushing water, an ingenious system had to be found. They imagine an immense wooden machine, fitted with 14 wheels 12 m in diameter, to pump water from the Seine 2.5 km below and raise it, in several stages, 160 meters higher. A real scientific performance at the time, which the museum evokes through numerous reproductions but also two interactive models which should make the happiness of the children. As recalled by the paintings and objects in the museum windows, one of the favorite occupations remains the hunting in the park and the surrounding forest. It seems that at Versailles it was entirely business and that in Marly it was entirely for him and his pleasure ”, wrote Racine to Boileau in 1687.

At the Musée de Marly, her portrait, made around 1700, stands enthroned among those of the locals. No wonder: Elisabeth-Charlotte of Bavaria, known as Princess Palatine, is the second wife of Philippe d’Orléans, the brother of Louis XIV. As a sister-in-law, she was practically all of the monarch’s stays in his “second home”. The princess had an easy and inexhaustible pen. Sort of feminine Saint-Simon, more raw, it is even nicknamed the “Ocean of ink” for its correspondence which reaches 60,000 letters! Documents which constitute a very important source in the knowledge of Marly at the time of the Sun King.

Musée du domaine royal de Marly (Yvelines 78). Open wednesdays to fridays from 9h30 to 12h30 and 14h to 17h; as well as weekends from 10h30 to 17h. Admission is 7 € general adult. The garden park is free. More info here :

The above is a wonderful place near my old home and have written before in my blog; see here: My post on museum park at Marly le Roi

Two major changes in France!

The legendary restaurant of Paul Bocuse has just lost its third star. In 2019, four of them left the gastronomic firmament (few), with injuries still alive. Paul Bocuse, who passed away in 2018; how would he have reacted on January 16, when he learned that his restaurant L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges (Rhône), triple star since 1965, had just lost his third badge? Guide Michelin is in a cleaning out move and many controversial calls here in France.

Clapping an end for Jean Paul Gaultier, who announces his last fashion parade. The famous 67-year-old French couturier presented his final haute couture show last Wednesday at the Théâtre du Châtelet, in Paris, and announces that he is embarking on a “new project” with his house. In fifty years of career, Jean Paul Gaultier has become one of the symbols of French luxury. This fashion icon will bid farewell to haute couture shows in Paris.

In the Marais, the Galerie de l’Instant puts Jane Birkin in the spotlight. Sublimated by the photographic eye of her brother Andrew Birkin, and by that of her friend Tony Franck: the photos are all the more intimate, and striking. Guaranteed nostalgia. Immersed in the intimacy of Jane B, we are entitled to two points of view on the life and the beauty of the most French of English women. In the studio, with the family, at the fair .The two photographers, moreover, each captured very closely the daily life of the couple Jane B / Gainsbourg, remained legendary in the collective unconscious See the expo Jane B at The Gallery of L’Instant 44, rue de Poitou 3éme; until March 1st, 2020. More info here: La Galerie de l’Instant Paris

Something from my Morbihan Breton that is big in Paris too. Go for it!!

Maison Georges Larnicol: Georges by his first name is a Breton by birth. Even though he has come a long way since then, the artisanal values of his origins have never left him. With pure butter and coarse salt, the house kouign-amann is, for many of us, the best we have had the opportunity to eat in Paris. The favorite? The kouignettes (smaller kouign-amanns delicious!! ), just to take several without regretting it!! Maison Georges Larnicol ,14, rue de Rivoli ; 4éme Paris too !! Of course in Paris other stores at 19 rue de l’Harpe 5éme and 132 Bd Saint Germain 6éme, and 7 rue de Steinkerque 18éme. More info here: Maison Georges Larnicol and stores

For those who are French and/or permanently live in France. The poll on Parisians to reveal the undisputed signs of the passage to the thirties in the city. If you recognize yourself in more than 5 statements, you are 30 years old (or maybe 50). Have fun! I am ::)

Did you know the metro in working order. You’re trying to buy an apartment, and you tell yourself that you wouldn’t be so bad in the suburbs actually. You bought an electric bike. Your body is slower, time flies faster. You drink natural wine (Bio). You are more emotionally stable. At least that’s what you think. You don’t care what people think of you. In pajamas downstairs to buy milk with your hair still in a mess? Don’t care. You have already sworn that you would never ride an electric scooter … before changing your mind. You are subscribed to the weekly basket of organic vegetables closest to you. You make dinners between couples and you bring back “a small organic bottle found in a small wine shop at the bottom of rue Lamartine”. You get up early on Sunday without GDB (complaining ok). You have a favorite brand of tea, and you even bought a teapot. You follow the Marie Kondo method and it changed your life. You bought yourself a juicer to make yourself some juices. You do meditation and it changed your life. You start to take pleasure in telling young people that they are young. Young people take pleasure in telling you that you are old. You became the oldest or the oldest in your box / startup. Sunday is brunch! But healthy, be careful. And, you eat no more McDo because “it hurts you”. You have an unlimited UGC cinema card and you go to the cinema at least once a week. RTL2 is not that bad after all as a radio. You wake up earlier than your alarm clock and you take the opportunity to jog. Even when you are not tired, your dark circles do not fade. You see babies and you think that you may have one, one day, when you have money and you have a house with a garden in the provinces / suburbs. You fuck less and less often, but the sex is better. You have no weekend free because you are invited to full weddings / BJW / BGD / family reunion. All your friends are starting to have children. You plan to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner for 1000 € because the low-cost version of your cordless vacuum cleaner is dead after 2 months. You start to understand your parents. You start having friends the age of your parents. You can no longer chain two evenings in a row and you take 3 days to recover from an evening that was a little too drunk. You go to bed late in the week, like 22h45 . We ask you when you plan to get married or when you plan to have babies. You are going less and less after .You no longer support certain music. You plan to save all your money and eat rice for 15 years to open a ditch and leave this superficial world. Or a house by the river in Averyon (more realistic). You can’t take it anymore from Paris but you can’t stand the province. Source: Le Bonbon

So there you folks, enjoy your Sunday and thanks for reading my Some news from France series and my blog; appreciated.  And I just clean my garden from and back of the house and the basement and air the house and clean the windows, and car wash my car with my boys help. Cheers

And remember, happy travels good  health, and many cheers to all!!!



January 19, 2020

Public Transport in Toulouse!

Ok so going in to the usually taken never my favorite but need to do it here. This is public transportation and it is very popular in France and even by visitors seeking to see something different. I like the car and not shy to tell the world, the best invention of mankind oh well in the top 10.

Toulouse is no different when it comes to public transportation and very heavily use as it is a huge university town as well with over 100K students. Let me tell you briefly on the transportation in Toulouse.

The airport is at Blagnac easy to city center Toulouse and use it several times as well as the navette bus from airport, very good mode of transportation. Easy in and out. First you now have the tramway line 2 direct access with automatic machine for ticketing at Hall C – niveau Arrivées (porte C2) this is arrival levels at gate C2 best to Fer de Cheval by Pont St Michel. The navette bus which is the one I used is taken at  street level stop gate or porte C2 arrivals. Take it direction Gare Routiére bus terminal which is at Matabiau next to train station and you can get on metro ,bus or walk as I do into city center along Allées Jean Jaurés. And of course, there is always the taxi  they are at street level arrivals between gates or portes B3 in Hall B and C1 in Hall C; but the navette bus is nicer me think.

Official Airport Toulouse Blagnac in English

You have a wonderful train station Gare Toulouse-Matabiau located in the district of Matabiau near walking distance done it to city center; there are other stations to serve the TER Occitanie trains. I have come by train here several times over the years, very nice. Just crossing the allées Jean Jaurés or rue Raymond VI and you are in the center in  5-10 minutes.

The main regular intercité train lines are from Paris Gare d’Austerlitz ,and the TGV from Gare Montparnasse. The Gare Matabiau Toulouse SNCF is here: Official train station Matabiau Toulouse

The local train network is TER Occitanie, webpage here: TER SNCF Occitanie Matabiau Toulouse


You have the tramway line 1 and 2 in town and the network as for buses and metro/subway is TISSEO.

From Beauzelle to Toulouse passing by Blagnac, the line 1 service 24 stations.  The itinerary is long of 14.4 km  allowing you to connect the Aéroconstallation to the Palais de JusticeThe T2 tram line connects Toulouse city center to Toulouse-Blagnac airport.
Line 2 is made up of a joint section with line T1 from Palais de Justice to Ancely and a new track connecting line T1 at the Jean Maga roundabout to the terminus located at the terminal. The course, 2375m long, is made up of three stations: Airport: near hall C, Arrivals level, and the bus station.  Didier Daurat: near rue Jean Dufour, near the eponymous avenue. Pierre Nadot: halfway between the Dewoitine roundabout and the A 621 crossing viaduct in contact with the Airbus bridge.


You have the Metro or subway or tube of Toulouse. It has two lines A and B.

The metro line A has a correspondance station at Jean Jaurés with line B as well as with the tramway  T1 et T2  in stop or arrêt Arènes.  Metro line A has these 18 stations : Balma-Gramont – Parking Relais, Argoulets – Parking Relais; Roseraie, Jolimont – Parking Relais, Marengo – SNCF, Jean-Jaurès – correspondance with line B; Capitole, Esquirol, Saint-Cyprien République, Patte-d’Oie, Arènes – Parking Relais – correspondance with tramways T1 and T2 – Gare St Cyprien – Arènes,  Fontaine-Lestang; Mermoz; Bagatelle; Mirail-Université;  Reynerie; Bellefontaine,  and Basso-Cambo – Parking Relais.

The Metro line B, over nearly 16 km along a north-south axis, links some 20 stations between Borderouge and Ramonville-Saint-Agne. It offers a connecting station with line A  at Jean-Jaurès station and one with lines T1 and T2 of the tramway in Palais de Justice. The 20 stations are Borderouge – Parking Relais; Trois Cocus; La Vache – Parking Relais; Barrière de Paris; Minimes – Claude Nougaro; Canal du Midi; Compans Caffarelli; Jeanne d’Arc; Jean Jaurès – correspondance with metro line A; François Verdier; Carmes; Palais de Justice -correspondance with tramways T1 and T2 (towards airport) ; St Michel – Marcel Langer ;  Empalot; Saint-Agne – SNCF; Saouzelong; Rangueil ;Faculté de Pharmacie; Université Paul Sabatier and Ramonville – Parking Relais.

For info I put metro line C here but is of no significance for the visitor. Metro Line C connecting the Arénes to Colomiers .It serves Toec, Lardenne, Saint-Martin-du-Touch, Les Ramassiers and Colomiers.  Between Colomiers Gare and the Arénes; your Tisséo ticket allows you to get 2nd class bus-metro-train connections.

The bus has over 80 lines too much to explain here but easy and frequent service is available. I have never use it. Here are the bus lines and schedules: Official TISSEO bus lines and schedules


The complete public transporation network of Toulouse is call TISSEO as said and its webpage is in French, Spanish, and English. Here it is in English: Public transportation of Toulouse, TISSEO

And of course the tourist office has more in English here: Tourist office of Toulouse on public transporation in English

And of course this is intended to move about in Toulouse. Once arriving walking is the best way to move around, and if daring the bike. Vélo Toulouse. Which of course have no knowledge of, the site is here for the finding a bike station: Official Vélo Toulouse, the bike in the city

Hope it helps move about, and if questions let me know. Enjoy your stay in Toulouse and do walk!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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