Halle aux Grains, Toulouse!

And so I continue my journey in the pink city of Toulouse, one of  my belle France favorite cities indeed. This is great wonderful big city and family roots on wife’s side it is sentimentally close.

Let me tell you about a music hall out of a merchants market! This is the story of the Halle aux Grains of Toulouse (cereal depot).


The Halle aux Grains is a symphonic concert hall located in the city center of Toulouse. It is home to the Toulouse Capitole National Orchestra. The Halle aux Grains is located on Place Dupuy, at the southern end of the Saint-Aubin district. The war memorial, at the junction of allées François Verdier, boulevard Carnot and rue de Metz, is located in the immediate vicinity. Since the opening of line B of the Toulouse metro, the Halle aux Grains has been served by the François Verdier metro station.

Built in 1861 to accommodate the cereals transported by boat to the port of Saint-Sauveur, it served as a covered grain market until the 1940s. And in 1952, the Halle aux Grains was converted into the Palais des Sports; stands were built there and the original market gave way to a performance hall as diverse as rock concerts, variety shows, circus or boxing matches. Its particular acoustics makes it since the mid-1970s the landmark of the National Capitol Orchestra. Renovated in 2000 for a better reception of the public, the Halle aux Grains also saw operettas, comic operas, great performers or one-man shows during the Printemps du rire ( spring of laughters).


In 1988 and 2000, the city/town hall improved the state of the building in terms of scenography, acoustics and accessibility. Today this room is recognized for its acoustic qualities. The hall has a capacity of 2,200 people seated around the orchestra. The stage has movable trays for quickly placing a piano on stage, etc.

Some webpages to help you enjoy this wonderful place are

Performances site of Toulouse on the Halle aux Grains

Tourist office of Toulouse on the Halle aux Grains

This is again a nice area to walk with plenty to see and enjoy your stay walking is a must in Toulouse. The magnificent Colonne Dupuy is just in front of the Halle aux Grains and on Place Dupuy, you can notice an imposing column, almost 20 meters high. It was erected in honor of General Dupuy, hero of the French revolution. This column is also a fountain, framed by 4 powerful griffins at each corner thereof. The statue at the top was not added until later ; it is Dame Tholose, allegory of the city of Toulouse, made in 1550 at the request of the Capitouls, and who was previously at the top of the Donjon du Capitole.


You will love your walks here, we always do, and do come back, will be back again. Enjoy Toulouse, the wonderful pink city of France.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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