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January 17, 2020

Basilique Notre-Dame la Daurade, Toulouse!

And to continue with old reliable and wonderful monument in my pink city of Toulouse I take you to another off the beaten path me think, one that I have passed by it many time but as yet going in. Therefore, let me tell you very briefly on the Basilica of Notre Dame la Daurade.

The Notre-Dame la Daurade Basilica, also known as Sainte-Marie la Daurade, is a church with the title of minor basilica. It is located along the quays of the Garonne river, near the square and the port of the same name.


It is a church apparently without a steeple, with a classical facade, whose architecture can be better appreciated on the other side of the river: we then see a small undersized steeple. It was completely rebuilt at the end of the 18C on the site of one of the oldest churches in Toulouse, which was probably the chapel of the Visigothic kings and whose apse was covered with gilded early Christian mosaics (hence the name daurada, golden). Seat of a Benedictine abbey whose prior was one of the main characters of medieval Toulouse, it was bordered by mills until the end of the 14C and overlooked the main bridge of Toulouse from the 12C to the 17C, the pont de la Daurade. One of the special features of the basilica is that it houses a black virgin. The statue presented today is however the second copy of a brown virgin, known in the 10C. The worship of the Black Virgin is particularly dedicated to pregnant women. from the 16C, Notre-Dame la Brune was known as Notre-Dame La Noire (Our Lady of Black). This statue is said to have many miracles to its credit. In particular, it would have saved the Saint-Michel district from a fire in 1672.


The statue was burned during the French revolution, in 1799, on Place du Capitole. In 1807, a new statue was sculpted after the memories that one had of the old burnt virgin. The current statue measures approximately 2 meters in height.

The basilica has a tribune organ and a choir organ. The choir the two angels in gilded wood, on either side of the altar; in 1812. Several chalices and Gospel manuscript, as well as ciboriums and other objects of worship. A pair of Louis XIV style sconces on either side of the High Altar. The Chapels have a monument to the dead of WWI between the Chapels of the Sacred Heart and the Guardian Angel. The tables show Christ on the cross between two thieves; The mystical press; Christ on the cross The crowns and scepters of the Black Madonna and Child.

The webpages as usual to help you plan your trip are

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And the Cathedral Parish of Toulouse: Cathedral Parish of Toulouse on the Notre Dame de la Daurade Basilica

There you go another wonderful monument to visit and again and again, along the Garonne river is wonderful. The Basilique Notre Dame de la Daurade in Toulouse is on the list for finally going in lol! Hope you enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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