Church St Pierre des Chartreux, Toulouse!

So let’s go into the off the beaten path trails of my beautiful pink city of Toulouse. As said we do a lot of walking here as usual for us once in town. And each time we come up with new monuments to see of a never ending showcase of my belle France. And even thus have passed by this Church before never paid attention until now.

Let me tell you very briefly on the Church of St Pierre des Chartreux in Toulouse. As we were walking by and dwell on its history a bit.

The Saint-Pierre des Chartreux Church is located on rue Valade, near Place Saint-Pierre. It owes its name to the monastic community of the Carthusians who built it at the start of the 17C. Construction of the church began in 1602: the Chartreux brothers, driven out of Saïx (near Castres) by the Protestants, decided to build a monastery sheltered from the walls of Toulouse. After the fall of the first dome in 1609, the building was raised. The Church of St Peter of the Carthusians was consecrated by Cardinal François de Sourdis on May 20, 1612. After the French revolution, the monks were driven out and the convent was transformed into an arsenal. All that remains today is the church, the old pharmacy, elements of the hotel industry ,and part of the cloister.


The large central nave of the Church of St Pierre des Chartreux has the particularity of being divided into two parts, separated by a double-sided high altar. On each side of the nave of the faithful are three dedicated chapels on the left to the souls of Purgatory, to the Sacred Heart, to Our Lady of the Rosary, and to the right the baptismal chapel, to Our Lady of Sorrows and finally to Saint Peter. The pulpit dates from the 18C and was transported from the Saint-Pierre des Cuisines Church in the French revolution. Its iconography (the hull of a boat sailing on a globe, now disappeared but with an outline still visible) is particularly evocative of Saint Peter.

The Church St Pierre des Chartreux Choir is made up of 62 carved stalls dating from the 17C, and is closed by a grid from the same period. Finally, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which opens under the organ gallery, presents an exceptional set of wood carvings in the 17C. The grandstand organ, with its magnificent buffet, has 51 stops and comes from the convent of the Jacobins from which it was transferred in 1792. There is also a small choir organ, built in the 19C. The old cloister now forms a green space within the Toulouse 1 Capitole University.

In all a very nice architectural building and with a nice history to it. One nice detour while walking the streets of Toulouse! Hope you enjoy it

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Tourist office of Toulouse on the Church St Pierre des Chartreux

As it serves today as the student church of the university complex of Toulouse, here is the Catholic site.  Toulouse Student Catholics webpage in French

And voilà another dandy monument in quant Toulouse! Enjoy the walks…. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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