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January 12, 2020

The old observatory of Toulouse!

So on our trips to Toulouse or any other city we try to find some off the beaten path places , new places seldom seen even by us. In Toulouse, there are not too many places like this but anyhow on every visit we see a new one. Talk about the richness of places to see in my belle France!

This time we were staying out from the city center in the district of Jolimont or pretty hill  and we took our dog Rex to a park nearby, needless to say it was very nice and we found a new place to see. The Jardin de l’Observatoire are still there , in the first place where a sky planetarium was founded in Toulouse!!! Now its just a garden park.


A classic park, planted with large trees, has its composition axes linked to the function of the Observatory axis of view of the astronomical lenses and axis of the meridian in 1847 .  Covering an area of three hectares and surrounded by walls, the park is home to many species of trees: ash trees, Judas trees, melia, charms, Pennsylvania maple trees, lime trees, American walnut trees, umbrella pines, winged pines, persimmon trees. On the side of the shrubs, mainly laurel tin, but also an almond tree, quince trees, a filaria tree, arbutus trees and buckthorn.  The garden was designed as an integral part of the observatory and keeps several traces: the paths are oriented along the meridian and in the east-west axis. There are also two pillars used to adjust the meridian telescope.



At the entrance of this park, we find the National School of Air and Space: a building built in a traditional style, with large white columns, which welcomes many students of various ages. Behind this building which could be confused with a historic monument, we find a large park, where the greenery and the buildings dedicated to astronomy mingle with nature in harmony.


In fact, the city’s first astronomical observatory was founded in 1733 by the local Academy of Sciences. In the middle of the 19C, the observatory was enlarged and took place on the hill of Jolimont. This is also where you can admire the architecture of the buildings designed by Urbain Vitry. In all, three domes allowed astronomers to study the Occitan sky and advance the great aerospace adventure of Toulouse.


Today, it houses the Societies of Popular Astronomy and the Air and Space Academy. The Toulouse Observatory garden has been a public garden since 1982.

The official site is here in French: The official Astronomy society of Toulouse

City of Toulouse on the observatory garden

The Parc de la Colonne park, also now call the Félix-Tisserand garden, is a public garden located in the district of Jolimont, next to the Jardin de l’Observatoire. Its creation was decided in 1830 to celebrate the battle of Toulouse on April 10, 1814. This saw the Napoleonic troops led by Marshal Soult and the Anglo-Hispano-Portuguese troops of Marshal Wellington clash.

The park was inaugurated on July 24, 1839. It consists of a large lawn bordered by an alignment of cedars in which stands an obelisk, a monument commemorating the battle. Commonly called La Colonne or the column, it was entirely built in brick, between 1835 and 1839. Its total height is around 30 meters and it rests on a cellar with a square plan of 4 m x 4 m), 5.45 m high. Three sides of the cellar carry part of the phrase “AUX BRAVES MORTS POUR LA PATRIE” – “TOULOUSE RECONNAISSANTE” ( To the Braves who die for the fatherland , Toulouse recognize)- “BATTLE OF APRIL 10, 1814” and the fourth has a door.

See above links as it correspond. The column picture I took…


You got it a new off the beaten path indeed and I think worth a detour for some nice killing time in Toulouse, easy from the center on the metro line A or bus 37. The Jardin de l’observatoire is a nice spot.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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