The museum’s of Toulouse!!!

And here I am with Toulouse again. This time will be recap several museums in the city some of which I have written before in my blog.

Toulouse has some nice museums that are often overlook but should not in my opinion. I start with the musée Saint Raymond, just across from the Basilica of St Sernin.  The musée Saint-Raymond, former museum of antiquities , is the archeological museum of Toulouse  opened since 1892.  It is located in the walls of the former university college of Saint-Raymond dating from the 16C.

The tourist office of Toulouse: Tourist office of Toulouse on the St Raymond museum



Then , you have the musée des Saint-Augustins , that this time was in renovations.  The musée des Augustins is the fine arts museum of Toulouse.  It was created in 1793 and opened in 1795. As it was during the French revolution period , it was house in the former convent of Augustins housing the important collections of painting and sculptures.

The tourist office of Toulouse: Tourist office of Toulouse on the St Augustins museum



So this is was walking and saw it and figure it was nice, too much to see just noter for a future visit but seems interestings, the Museum of Toulouse located at 35 Allée Jules Guesdes and near the gardens that I have in other posts so a perfect day could be arrange, hint hint…

The Toulouse Museum, bordered by the Jardin des Plantes, is a museum at the crossroads of the world of science, culture, education, social issues and questions. It invites the visitor to wonder about his relationship to the living world around him.

In 1796, Philippe Picot, holder of the first chair in natural history in Toulouse and director of the Jardin des Plantes, transferred his cabinet and his collections to an old monastery. It is the birth of the Museum. 200 years later, millions have passed the walls to discover the relationship that man maintains with the nature that surrounds him, through his history and the major challenges he encounters.

The official Museum webpage: Official Museum of Toulouse in English

The tourist office has more info in English: Tourist office of Toulouse on the Museum

City of Toulouse on the museum in French



You should plan half a day for each to see it well, or come back as we do… they are really worth it and need to be known more other than those in Paris. Hope you enjoy the museums of Toulouse

City of Toulouse on its museums in French: City of Toulouse on its museums

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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