Revisit Church Notre Dame du Taur-Toulouse!

And why not come back to great monuments seen before but worth a second look. This is the case of the Church Notre Dame du Taur near the Capitole and Basilica St Sernin  exactly at 12bis rue du Taur.  I have written a piece on its history a while back so will concentrate on new pictures.


My previous post on it is here: My previous post on Notre Dame du Taur

This is a wonderful historical church which was seen briefly before and more in depth on this trip.

A brief further description of this wonderful church is to follow

The stone portal has 6 archivolts and columns decorated with capitals with foliage. The interior of the triangular top is decorated with an 18C statue of the virgin. On both sides, in the niches, two casts replaced the old statues of the 16C ;an apostle and Saint Francis of Assisi. The choir is made up of a small central chapel with a flat apse and two apses with cut sides on both sides.


Above the central altar, the martyrdom of Saint Saturnin, a 19C painting by Bénézet. The central chapel preserves the statue of Notre-Dame du Rempart or of the Deliverance or the Good Help, of the 16C, entered the church in 1783 after the demolition of the oratory of the gate of Villeneuve.



On the south wall of the nave are the remains of a 38-figure genealogy of Jacob, arranged in two registers, from the 14C. This very erased painting was discovered in 1872 when the woodwork that adorned the walls was removed. A bull, carved in the oldest part of the church, reminds us of the martyrdom of Saturnin.


And again the tourist office of Toulouse on the Church Notre Dame du TaurTourist office of Toulouse on the Church of Notre Dame du Taur

There you go  a nice monument to see and close to it all in Toulouse; you must see the Church Notre Dame du Taur. Hope you enjoy the post as we did the visit.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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