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January 6, 2020

Vianden, the romantic Castle on the hill

This is Vianden, Luxembourg. I have come close to it but never made it here, perhaps too much driving around. This time I came straight from Echternach on the road N10 and it was fantastic, one of the highlights of the trip as we love castles.

There is a quaint small town ambiance which is superb here, we love it, and nice .  And the river Our.  The Our river is a left-hand tributary of the river Sûre. Its total length is 78 kilometres (about 48 mi). It’s cascades and levies is nice natural environment to see and walk its banks.   This is part of a natural park that should be pretty nice for those with more time and the forests, more info in French/German: Natural park of the Our river valley


However, all else is secondary to the Castle of Vianden. The castle last check was open every day from 10h and until 16h to 18h depending the date. Always good to check the official site below as in all monuments to get the latest.


The Château de Vianden had two lives interspersed with a long purgatory. Built from the 11C to the 14C on the foundations of an ancient Roman then Carolingian stronghold, it stands out as one of the most remarkable stately residences in the heart of Europe. The prestige and political influence of the counts of Vianden goes hand in hand with this elegant and imposing building. But at the beginning of the 19C, the castle was nothing more than a ruin. Acquired by the State in 1977, it is renovated and completely rebuilt with strict respect for its original face. His visit now makes it possible to plunge back into more than a millennium of history and stories, which includes an Information Center with pleasant and educational museography for all audiences. An annual medieval festival is a legitimate success.


You come up a long winding hilly road into the entrance gates, pay, and go up more steps into the first courtyard. You follow a sequence of numbered rooms to the Arms hall, archeological crypt, early kitchen, lower chapel (with byzantines designs) ,knight’s study, inner courtyard, upper chapel, Byzantine gallery, JP Kotz hall, Charles Arendt hall, Banqueting hall, bedroom, festivity hall, genealogy hall, grand kitchen, dining hall, the well, knight’s hall, and the large cellars. You can easily spend half day looking at the castle alone or more.

The castle of Vianden is impressive , with great showing , and a nice cafeteria at the way out , suggest though to get something to drink as you start your tour, bottle of water etc as the long up and down sideways can be exhaustive for older and or less active folks.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Official Castle of Vianden layout and things to see

Tourist office of Vianden in English

One of the romantic cinderalla trips you can make in two, family or alone; it is magical and highly recommended. I will be looking forward to coming back soon. Enjoy Vianden and the castle by the hill.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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