The Funiculaire at Pau!

Ok so here I am writing about a sort of public transport yeah! Even if I like to be known as the road warrior in Europe, I do take the usual European public transport schemes. This includes funiculars or cable car whatever… I did enjoy my visit to Pau and the funicular there , a relic of yesteryear still going strong.

Oh yes plenty of post on Pau in my blog but nothing dedicated to this unique public transport spot and me think deserves more. Therefore, here is a bit more on the funicular of Pau, dept 64 Pyrénées-Atlantiques, region of Nouvelle Aquitaine.

The Funiculaire de Pau or cable car was finally put into service in 1908, linking the train station (Gare) to the Boulevard des Pyrénées at the Place Royale. The length of the track is 110 meters, with a slope of 30%. Its use has been free since 1978. Rotations are frequent with a departure every 3 minutes. The funicular is in service every day Monday to Saturday, from 6h45 to 21h40. Sunday from 13h30 to 20h50.



The idea of a funicular dates back to 1874 in the form of an elevator, this idea was quickly rejected. In 1900, the engineer Hérard proposed a “mobile ramp”. An agreement was signed with Médebelle for a period of 75 years on January 25, 1901, but this project was still not approved. In 1904, Jean Bonnamy, a Bordeaux public works contractor, proposed a funicular whose minimum potential was estimated at 500,000 travelers per year. But the “ecologists” of the time managed to postpone the project (again!). The works continued despite everything and the funicular was put into service on Saturday February 15, 1908, at 7h!.


The structure, made up of metallic spans made of riveted truss beams, rests on sealed moorings in solid masses of unreinforced concrete. The slope is 30% and it is 110 meters long. With its length of only 110 meters, it is probably one of the smallest passenger railways in the world. In 1961, cars with wooden cases were replaced by cars with metal cases. The Funiculaire or funicular was stopped during the summer of 2010 in order to carry out heavy renovation works . It is managed by the city of Pau, it is therefore independent of the Idelis public transport service of Pau.


A nice neat family ride to take while in Pau ,nice views and friendly company  and it helps not to climb to the upper city. Enjoy the Funiculaire de Pau as we did

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

City of Pau on the Funiculaire

Tourist office pau pyrenees on the funiculaire de Pau

Association of Funiculaires of France on Pau

On the above see the Funiculaire de Pau in window 12 in 3rd row.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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