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January 4, 2020

La Trinité sur Mer , heavens on boats!

This is a wonderful heavens and boater’s paradise about 33 Kms ( 20 miles) from my house. Weekends specially in good weather is glorious to have it as your backyard, even in winter . Not to mention the whole of the coastal department 56 of Morbihan in Bretagne. I will be telling you a bit more about La Trinité sur Mer.

We go by car along the D768 to the N165 and then turn direction Vannes for a while on this road before hooking up again with the D768 direction Carnac and hooking up with the road D186 direction La Trinité sur Mer. There is a bus line 1 from train station Gare d’Auray that can take you here too but never taken it.

Plenty of parking by the pleasure marina and along the harbor as well as the St Joseph parking lot up by the Church St Joseph, it is a public parking.  There are nice eateries up here too,and the quaint house to repair your bike or your small boat with antiques fixtures right by the Church behind it next to the memorial to the fallen.

La Trinite sur Mer

And of course, the harbor, all glorious boats of it, restos, bars, shops. Always great to walk it leisurely and no hurry.  The boat capacity here afloat has 1,290 places (1,070 on pontoons and 180 on mooring).  A technical reserve for 200 boats. Dry port in partnership with the company Multipôle 56: 510 berths ; reception of habitable boats from 9 m to 14 m and motor boats of 7.50 m / 8 m.

La Trinite sur Mer

La Trinité-sur-Mer is the third port in Bretagne and the fifth on the Atlantic coast. Its privileged location at the bottom of an estuary allows it to accommodate moored multihulls during their preparation for races around the world.

la trinite sur mer

It is one of the most important regatta places in Europe. Indeed, the city is particularly renowned for its nautical competitions. Its small fishing and sailing port is a popular stopover for internationally renowned boaters and skippers who have made it their home port.  Its exceptional geographical location allows it to organize very beautiful regattas in the Bay of Quiberon as well as deep-sea races along the coasts of southern Brittany and around the Ponant Islands.

La Trinite sur Mer

Admire the port of  La Trinité sur Mer on the heights of the Kerisper Bridge. Walk the mythical customs path and discover the breathtaking view of the port, the Kerisper bridge and the entrance to Quiberon Bay. Also visit the region’s oyster yards and enjoy a hearty seafood platter at one of the city’s restaurants. Immerse yourself in La Trinité sur Mer for a weekend or more, and let yourself be told the thousand and one stories of all the lovers of the sea that the famous marina shelters. Renowned skippers, passionate oyster farmers, occasional boaters or seasoned fishermen, each plays with a pencil to offer the visitor a rich and colorful picture. La Trinité-sur-Mer, a colorful seaside resort!

La Trinite sur Mer

The wonderful SNSM lifesavers at sea volunteer force which I proudly support by the fish market or halles aux poisons.

La Trinite sur Mer

Our lunch or drink central is the usual A l’étage right by the harbor and overlooking it with  a top floor terrace for drinks only. You come down to second level to drink more and eat some big burgers and fries, fish harengs, and Serrano ham, grimbergen and corona beers and expresso coffee etc etc with great views of the beautiful harbor.

The tourist office in English is here: Tourist office of La Trinité sur Mer

The city page in French on nautical activities; City of La Trinité sur Mer on nautical activities

If you love the sea and I do, and boating and I do and all related to the sea including scuba diving which I cannot do anymore, then you must come here. A must for the nautical incline. Enjoy La Trinité sur Mer or Trinity on the Sea.

And enjoy this wonderful short and to the point youtube video on La Trinité sur Mer

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!

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