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January 3, 2020

Oysters anyone? come to Sarzeau!

Ok so let’s talk about something we do eat a lot here and especially around the season to be merrier into New Year; they are all over here so lucky me because I love them. However, I have chosen one area that we have been going since moving to Bretagne and the Morbihan dept 56 back in 2011. The oysters of the Rhuys peninsula by the town of Sarzeau!

A bit on the area for orientation…

The Pointe de Bénance is in the Gulf of Morbihan, in the town of Sarzeau. Located on the Rhuys peninsula, the Pointe de Bénance extends along the north-south axis. It is approximately 450 meters long and 200 meters wide. It is located north of the village of Bénance. It faces many islands in the Gulf of Morbihan, the Île des Œufs is 1,200 meters in the north-west, Penn Bleï is located 2,500 meters in the north-east and Île aux Oiseaux is 2 600 meters in the east.

Some of the wonders of our sea to try here fresh and from the real source are these favorites and one must out of the many here, really all over!.

La Nursery du Golfe; Oyster farming at 9 chemin Pointe Benance 56370 Sarzeau.  The Nursery du Golfe is the ideal place to savor these iodized flavors while discovering the secrets of oyster making! From the production of phytoplankton to spat, the aquaculture farm reveals to the curious the different stages of the nursery of the “pearls” of the region. In season, the tables overlooking the Gulf of Morbihan invite you to taste aperitif plates, for lunch or during storytelling evenings. The opportunity to discover the new range of creative products that the farm now produces, “Spiru Breizh”, 100% marine spirulina in seawater! This one is our favorite here. More info: Nursery du Golfe at Sarzeau

EARL Benance Ets–Guillemette Michel ,Oyster farming at 4 chemin Pointe Benance 56370 Sarzeau. This one is straight producer right off the sea , smaller more family and just as good. A choice no webpage but  direct sale to individuals sublime: From Mondays to Fridays from 8h -12h and 13h30 to 17h. Tel +33 (0) 2 97 41 84 89.


From our immersion in the area we have become quite knowledable on oysters (huîtres) which we love so let me give you a brief story on its cultivation.

The fertilization gives birth to a larva. For about twenty days, it evolves quietly in the water, gradually takes on the appearance of a “D” and acquires a kind of foot that will allow it to crawl to find the best place to settle. The larva becomes a spat, a baby oyster pampered particularly by oyster farmers for three years. The oyster will then go through all the breeding cycles before enthroned as queen on the seafood platters.


On the Rhuys peninsula, the oyster farms are located on the foreshore, the strip of coastline that is discovered at low tide. The influence of the tides thus regularly and naturally provides the plankton necessary for the growth of oysters. Breeding is practiced in different ways. On the ground: the oysters are directly “sown” on the sandy soil. Or on raised metal tables: the oysters are then protected from predators in mesh pockets. Oyster farmers access their parks aboard their barge, and, like sea gardeners, tirelessly rake the shells deposited on the ground or turn their pockets over and over again to avoid the proliferation of algae, aerate the oysters to give them a good size and nice shape.


The oyster then assumes its best attributes to be sold retail on the premises of farms or in markets. The oysters can then be kept for a short week, between 5 and 15 degrees in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator, flat, the curved part of the shell at the bottom. However, it is better to buy your hamper the same day as the tasting! The explosion of flavors is guaranteed! Yes indeed and we are so lucky to have this possibility here!!!

Ok following the local ritual of walks , not yet into the forest park walks but along the coast is gorgeous ,and then have a bushel of oysters with muscadet white wine sublime!! Enjoy this walk please!!

Need to go by car and park at the parking start of Rue du Pont Févis, at the end of the Bénance cove. Then, start your walking! Come back towards the town of Sarzeau to pass the bottom of the cove and take the path which leaves on the left (walking trails are posted!). Magnificent meadows bordered by large trees spread out on the right side of the path which leads to the outbuildings and to the Château du Néret. Pass in front of the majestic porch of the castle (private) house, and follow the high walls along the path, reaching the crossroads of a path that starts on the left between two walls.

Continue opposite to the edge of the Château de Truscat (private). Decks have been installed to cross the wettest parts of this part of the circuit. Reach the gate of the castle and pass in front of this gate and continue the route by the path which turns your back on the houses of the village. Shortly after a fountain, the high enclosure wall disappears to leave the view over the sea (wonderful!). Here, you can already guess the overlapping of the land and the sea. Reach a crossroads with 4 perpendicular directions.

Turn left at right angles to reach the Truscat saltworks (old salt mines). Go around it then take the same path to return to the previous crossroads. Turn left, reach the village of Kerbodec. After passing the line of small houses, turn left to reach the coast. A wide alley ends facing the sea, and a landscaped path starts on its right side. By taking it, pass in front of the Château de Kergeorget,(private), a pretty castle planted slightly behind the coastline.

Continue on the coastal path to reach the crossroads of Duer. Extend opposite on the coastal path to reach Pointe de Duer. Turns south, then deviate somewhat from the coast to avoid the bird sanctuary. Join the coastal path and then go left to the observation tower which stands a little further. Return to the path and continue to the left, towards the village of Duer. At the crossroads, turn right and cross the village from side to side, to reach the seaside. Turn left, take the outward path.

After Kerbodec, ignore the path on the right which leads to the salt marshes (seen above), then go back to the gate of the Truscat castle. Continue along the stone wall, until you find the first crossroads past on the outward journey.Turn right to descend this path which leads to the sea. Here two possibilities:

Reach the starting point along the old dikes that separated the Gulf of marshes or tidal mill ponds that border it, but beware this passage is not always passable or convenient, turn back to return to the previous crossroads. Turn right and resume the outward journey to return to the parking lot at the end of cove of Bénance. A wonderful recommended walk indeed!!

Enjoy the oysters info Tourist office Gulf of Morbihan on oysters producers

City of Sarzeau tourist office: City of Sarzeau tourist office info

And you are all set for a wonderful sea nature and oysters of the Rhuys in Sarzeau a killer combination, recommended. Enjoy it, cheers!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!





January 3, 2020

Goh Lanno at Pluvigner!

This is ,me think ,the best sports complex in the dept 56 of Morbihan and just lucky to have it in my town. I have written in details on it before in my blog but today’s is special. Let me tell you about the sports park complex of Goh Lanno in my town of Pluvigner!

I actually went on a dog walk with my boys!! They usually do this task but on a humid cool day of January 2020 I decided to take the walk with them. It was very nice and my boy dog Rex, a mix border collier/labrador or Borador is just marvelous.


We have it since he was 4 months old taken from a dairy farm nearby and it has been a joy. I had dogs always and finally convince my wife to have one, unfortunately for her Martine passed away April 30 2018 due to cancer… and the dog means a lot to me now. Even more , it is a link with the glorious nice family past.


The Goh Lanno sports complex is huge and one of my son’s plays for the local team B and starter and already score a goal so very happy for him. The park is been improved with a fan seated stands been build. Info on the team the Keriolets de Pluvigner! Keriolets de Pluvigner football team page


It is the part of town where you can meet other locals for sports , dog walking or city events activity like the National Day 14 July. It is very close to our house mind you so just walking distance.


If you stop by we sure will take you here especially if it is a sports football /soccer game although it also, host the local basketball and volleyball teams in the nice fieldhouse. The city page in French with the sports park Goh Lanno: City of Pluvigner on Goh Lanno



The Rugby and Tennis parts are been improved and there is even a rugby clubhouse on site. The chapter here is associated with the Auray rugby club which one of my son’s try it a while back with no chance.


Too bad not many writes about the town they live in but I do and plenty of posts in my blog under the town’s name or some news from Bretagne or Morbihan etc. It is a town with about 7K folks very wide spread out in superficie. Our city page in French: City of Pluvigner

And we even have a tourist office right by the mayor’s office or city hall or mairie:  Office de Tourisme de la Baie de Quiberon – Accueil de Pluvigner : Permanent information desk Tuesdays to Fridays from 9h30 – 12h and 14h – 17h30. Saturdays from 9h-12h. Email contact: 

And even a page in the area tourist office Bay of Quiberon!! in English too!!! More info.: Tourist office of Bay of Quiberon on Pluvigner

And a webpage site Detours d’Art showcasing the monuments of heritage in my area such as churches and chapels is here in French, they do offer guided visits: Detours d’Art on heritage around Pluvigner

So are you ready for the real back country of the Morbihan and Bretagne, then stop by and do let me know it ok.

And remember,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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