The Port of Le Havre!

So been around fishing harbors since birth it always catch my attention when i see one. Nowdays of course, you have huge ports maritime harbors , ferry cruises and big cruiseliners on them all mix in. This is the case of nice Le Havre , and even thus not taken a cruiser have been on fishing boats and ferries to like them a bit…So will tell you a bit more on the ones at Le Havre.

It is a pleasure to walk along the quays and see the different boats from pleasure to fishing to ferries to cruisers and my future goal is to take one here to England.  Hope you enjoy the post on the ports of Le Havre.

le havre

The port of Le Havre is a large seaport for trade and passengers (connection to England). It is also a marina and fishing port on the English Channel.  Located in Le Havre, in Seine-Maritime, dept 76 of Normandy, and extending over several municipalities east of the Seine estuary, it was created in 1517 on the orders of François I and at the request of a Norman elite mainly from Rouen and Caen. The construction of this port is at the origin of the foundation of the city of Le Havre.  Placed to the north of the mouth of the Seine, at the western end of the maritime facade of Northern Europe called the Northern Range , and effectively connected to a dense hinterland to Rouen and onto Paris, it is one of the leading European ports.

Official ports Haropaports: Official Haropaports on Le Havre

The main structures are by the Pointe de la Floride, where the Le Havre cruise pole is installed in Hangar 1, is located to the west between the Channel Basin and the Théophile Ducrocq Basin. It has become the preferred location for cruise lines with large cruise liners such as the Jewel of the Seas, the Millennum, the Star Princess, and the Queen Mary 2.

le havre

le havre

Tourist office of Le Havre on cruisers: Tourist office of Le Havre on Cruisers

The Bassin du Commerce, also known as the floating dock, dates from 1792. It is located inside the rebuilt city center of Le Havre. It is bordered to the north by the George V quay (Liberty quay at the time of its excavation) and to the south by the Guillaume Le Testu and Lamblardie quays.

le havre

The Vauban basin is located near the entrance to the city center, surrounded by the train station, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Vauban docks shopping center. It was built in 1840-1843 and at that time accommodated boats carrying coal. Since 2012, part of the basin has been converted into a marina call Port Vauban. A floating pedestrian bridge makes it possible to cross it and join the Vauban docks at the station. The basin is 800 meters long and 90 meters wide.

Created in 1934, the marina of Le Havre, located west of the Port of Le Havre, is the first marina in the mainland with a capacity of 1300 berths. The bassin de la citadelle shelters a small fishing port. Part of the fishery product is also sold directly to consumers.


le havre

Some additional webpages to help you plan your trip here are

City of Le Havre on the maritime things to do

Tourist office of Le Havre on nautical things to do

It is really a city to discover even thus most think of old French and unfortunately Le Havre suffered greatly in the world wars to the point of been rebuilt 90% of it!!! Nevertheless, it has many world heritage site including the city center by the harbor.

The pleasure of cruising is there handle by two companies Brittany Ferries and Direct Ferries. Their webpages on Le Have to follow

Official Brittany Ferries on Le Havre crossing to England

Official Direct Ferries on Le Havre crossing to England

There you go another dandy by the coast this time in lovely Normandy the land of many memories and courage. Hope you enjoy the post and do make a try to visit Le Havre.

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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