The Saarburg of Germany!

And continuing my memory lane tour of neighboring Germany we stop with the family in Saarburg. I have come to Germany several times, less with the family but this one was a huge summer vacation we rented a house and use it as a base to see most of western part of Germany. The Rhineland-Palatinate, is very nice indeed and Saarburg is one of the gems.

Again on my wandering routes in Germany , this time we visited the town of Saarburg on the south on the crossroads to Luxembourg on the N2 and then in Germany you take the 407 or B51 all great routes. Saarburg is best known for its cascades of the river in city center or downtown.  We got up early and went for it even continuing down the road 10 in Luxembourg; but this is Saarburg Germany.

The moment you enter the town you notice its quant pretty architecture and lively city center, it was a nice welcome to a new town in our world map, Saarburg.

As said, it has a very lively city center or Am Markt hotel area, a nice municipal museum or AMuseum , the cable car or Sesselift , the Church of Saint Laurentius (see other post), the Protestant church of great controversy for its ties to the old Nazy regime, and the best is the Cascade. There is,also, a nice river terminus for river boat rides.

The Cable car or Sesselift is a nice thing to do as you go up to the hills overlooking the city and the vineyards. It cost 3,80 euros per person. Right next to the church of same name you see the Laurentius Gate that was the entrance in the middle ages from lower to higher town.



Last is the Cascade ,right around the bridge Auf Dem Graben the area is known as Little Venice. The bridge spam the Butter Market , the houses here have been on oak poles for centuries on the Leuk river, the town’s people changed its direction in the 13C to have enough water to extinguish fires. Further on is the real cascade where from the iron bridge on high viewing points you can see enormous water masses of the Leuk plunging more than 20 meters over cliff cascades right into city center. In order to stabilize the banks, the 20 meter high “Tümpelsmauer” wall was built in 1641.



Below the iron bridge on the area known as the Standen and on the other side of the Esplanade full of restos and bus terminal you have the river boat terminus for boat rides on the river Saar on the great Saar Stern boat. In German, more info: The official Saar Flotte of river cruisers


The tourist office of Saar in German on Saarburg here:  Tourist office Saar Obermosel on Saarburg

Nice town , Saarburg, lively on the center and great river rides. A wonderful day trip with the family.

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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