Parliament of the UK! Westminster!!

On our trips in Europe lucky we have been able to visit several countries and of course England would have been on the list and it was. I have visited many times on business trips but had one visit with the family.

One of the nice things to see there is the Palace of Westminster or British Parliament, and like to give you a glimpse.

The Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament, is the seat of the Parliament of the United Kingdom: the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The palace borders the north bank of the Thames river and lies to the west of the city, in the London Borough of the City of Westminster.


The oldest section of the palace, Westminster Hall, dates back to 1097. The Palace of Westminster was originally used as a royal residence, but no English or British monarch has lived there since the 16C, following a major fire in 1512. However, most of the building dates from the 19C, as the palace was almost completely destroyed by a new, even more devastating fire, which occurred in 1834.

One of the most famous attractions of the Palace of Westminster is its Clock Tower, officially named “Elizabeth Tower” on the occasion of Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee in 2012, which is home to Big Ben.


The palace of Westminster is a huge complex of more than a thousand rooms, contains in addition to the rooms of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, the offices of parliamentary committees, libraries, halls, dining rooms, bars or even gyms. It is the site of important official ceremonies, and especially that each year of the opening of the parliamentary session (the State Opening of Parliament). The Palace of Westminster is closely associated in spirit with the two Houses of Parliament, as is sometimes evidenced by the use of the term Westminster to refer to Parliament.

The current Palace of Westminster has several towers. The tallest and most square, the Victoria Tower, is located at the southwest corner of the building and stands 98.5 meters. It was named after the reigning monarch of the time, Queen Victoria. The tower houses the Registry of the House of Lords’ Record Office, which despite its name is used by the two parliamentary chambers. Its top bears a flag, whether it is the Royal Standard when the sovereign is present or more generally the Union Jack. It is indeed at the foot of the Victoria Tower that the Sovereign’s Entrance to the Palace is located, used notably during the opening ceremonies of Parliament or any other event. involving the arrival of the Head of State.

The Central Tower dominates the middle of the palace. Its height of 91.4 meters makes it the smallest of the three main towers of the monument. Unlike its neighbors, the Central Tower is surmounted by an arrow located immediately above the central vestibule, in an octagonal shape.

The northwest corner supports the most famous tower of the Palace of Westminster, the Clock Tower (Elisabeth Tower), 96.3 meters high. The tower houses the Great Clock of Westminster, which has a dial on each of the four sides. The Clock Tower also contains the five bells of the palace, which ring quarter-hourly. The largest and most famous of these bells, officially called the great bell of Westminster, is much better known by its nickname of Big Ben. It is the third heaviest bell in the whole of the United Kingdom, weighing around 13.8 tons.

Official Parliament on the heritage

Official Parliament on visiting info

And there you go can’t missed while visiting London and now is the time to see it from Europe. Hope you enjoy it as we did

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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