Paris 16 arrondissement and La Gare…friends.

As there is talk of a meeting in Chicago in September 2020 I thought to bring back this post of the visit of the folks who share a moment with me and now will be hosting the meeting in their city Chicago. These are the old folks from the Virtual Tourist travel forum now defunct but many memories and friendship of several travelers over the years.
I am still open minded on going to Chicago in Sept’20 will see down the road in 2020 how it goes with my job duties and vacation.
For now enjoy this visit and why not do something like this from folks here reading my blog passing by France. Cheers and best wishes for 2020 for all


Well today was a very special day indeed. I am back at home in Versailles,and had some friends coming over from Chicago USA. We discussed things in other travel forum and they were making a trip around cities in Europe. Of course, Paris had to be included.

We teamed up with some local friends, an American and a French lady, and with the couple from Chicago we had lunch at my suggested restaurant La Gare, Chaussée de la Muette , line 9, metro Muette in the 16 district or arrondissement of Paris.  It is no surprise to my readers as it is my fab resto in Paris, not only come here with family even for Sunday brunch but all visiting friends gets a taste of it lol!!! webpage

Needless to say the conversations were funny, witty, nice, friendly, and of course long…We had our lunch reservation for 13h…

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