Powder tower , Prague!

Let me make a stop on my posts on France, and take you back to lovely Prague, Czech Republic. Many many years ago as a young boy came to Prague then part of Czechoslovakia for a two days student fair. Many many years later came back on a business trip but saw the part of Prague visitors do not go in the outer limits of the city.

Finally, came back several times and was able to visit the more visible tourist attraction areas of central Prague or Praha 1. One of the building that kept a lasting memory on me was the powder tower in old town square. I like to bring back those memories here.

The Powder Tower is one of the most famous buildings in the city of Prague. It is the boundary between the old city and the new city. From the 11C, one of the thirteen gates of the medieval fortifications of the Old City stood at this location.


In 1445, the municipal magistrate decided to offer a new tower” to King Vladislav II Jagiellon, who laid the first stone that same year. Construction stopped after eight years when riots drove the king out of the capital. Its rich carved decoration was to add to the prestige of the adjacent Royal Palace which was on the site of the current Municipal House.

The tower took its current name in the 17C when it became a powder depot. Severely damaged during the Prussian occupation of 1757, it was almost entirely rebuilt in 1876 in a neo-Gothic style. In the 1990s the Powder Tower, like many other historical buildings in Prague, was beautifully renovated. The tower is adorned with reliefs of arms and several statues embellish the east and west facades.


The Powder Tower is located on the edge of Old Town. A covered bridge connects the tower to the adjoining Municipal House.

City of Prague tourist office City of Prague tourist office on the powder tower in English

There you go another nice monument in our Europe. Let’s enjoy shall we! You do stop by Prague; Last year was my fifth year in a row of visits , hopefully my horizons will take me back again in the future. In the meantime will keep the memories and friendship of many.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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  1. I have been to Prague only once, I prefer Budapest.
    Joyeux Noël à toi!


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