Coastal Douarnenez, Finistére!!!

On my road warrior trips in my region, I took the opportunity to visit further areas from me and decided to visit this beach town in the Finistére, Douarnenez. We took the ride using the road D7 and hit it right on straight over a beautiful view by the beach of Kervel with its wooden cabins on the sand. OF course it has other monuments and there are other posts for that.

The town of Douarnenez, still keep the reputation of a sardines fishing port, even if it has diminish over the years. The great brand Connêtable is still there. It is a fishing port dotted with beaches , a pleasure marina by Tréboul and Port-Rhu. It is also an important marina of Finistère with Tréboul and Port-Rhu. This is the city in which the Kouign-Amann Breton dessert was invented. The town was enlarged in 1945 by merging with the neighboring towns of Ploaré, Pouldavid and Tréboul, and is now known as the city of the three ports (Port-Rhu, Port of Rosmeur, and Port de Plaisance).


Port-Rhu was the starting point for two boats bound for England: the My gondola as of June 18, 1940, the day of the call of 18 June. Pilot students of the Le Mans Elementary pilotage aviation school, led by Reserve Lieutenant Pinot , embarked on 18 June 1940 aboard the Trébouliste, a lobster boat equipped with an auxiliary engine, led by François Lelguen they arrived in Falmouth on June 20, 1940 and helped to form the first nucleus of the future Free French Air Force (36 of them perished in air fights during WWII).

We wandered around and cross the passerelle to go to Port Rhu and Tréboul areas, easy walking exercise and nice town, we like it and we will be back.



In by the harbor or port area, you have the wonderful Port-musée, with real boats on display showing you the boating history of the town as well expos, and videos. right across from the harbor entrance and the pleasure marina of Port-Rhu.



The idea of having beach areas, fishing and pleasure port, and a museum makes an interesting point to seek in better weather, and the folks are very friendly. We stop for lunch here at Restaurant Pizzeria Da Franco, at 18, Place Edouard Vaillant, and the Italian natives family was very welcoming and the pizzas deliciosas! with a  liter of real red Italian chianti wine! all for 15€ per person including expresso coffee.  They offer pizzas, pasta, salads, desserts, ice creams, and beef plates with a formule and plat du jour, they ,also, have a branch in Brest. In Douarnenez they are just opposite the square to the tourist office. No webpage but find it here: Manger Sortir on Pizzeria Da Franco at Douarnenez



The tourist office of Douarnenez in English: Tourist office of Douarnenez on things to see and do

The City of Douarnenez on tourism in French look Port Rhu: City of Douarnenez on Port Rhu

There you a nice city by the ocean and a nice visit by all . Enjoy it in winter too, Douarnenez is nice.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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