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December 26, 2019

Some news from France, CCXCVI (2020)

So we are approaching end year 2019 pretty fast,and I need to tell you some of old good spots to celebrate New Year’s 2020 as well as some things to look forward to in Paris beginning of 2020! So this is a special Some news from France post, the 296th one for those not familiar with Roman numerals. Enjoy it

First a few chosen spots to wait for the New Year 2020 in Paris.

New Years Eve masked ball Eyes Wide Shut.  Pavillon Wagram . 47, avenue de Wagram (17éme). Tuesday December 31, 2019, from 22h. to 05h. Formula 5 drinks + open bubbles + evening: € 60.48. 10 drinks + open bubbles + evening package: € 66.63. Info

 New Years Eve on the Champs-Élysées. Arc de Triomphe, place de l’etoile (17éme). Tuesday December 31 from 23h. BFM Paris is accessible on channel 30 of regional DTT, channel 38 on the SFR box, channel 340 on the Orange box, channel 307 on the Bouygues box and channel 943 on the box Free. Info

The crazy new year – Réveillon 2020. Point Éphémère. 200, quai de Valmy (10éme). Tuesday December 31, 2019, from 21h to 05h. Entrance: € 18 presale and € 25 on site. Info

 For New Year’s Eve, the Pachamama turns into a circus track. At the same time restaurant, club and cocktail bar, the majestic place of 3000 m2 located in Bastille will fill your taste buds with a special Pachamama circus menu. 46, rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine (12éme). Tuesday December 31, 2019, from 22h. Entrance: 30 € with a drink. Dinner € 130 per person (excluding drinks) from 20h. This is the old Barrio Latino ! info

 New Years Eve at the Pavillon des Étangs. 50, route de l’etoile (16éme). Tuesday December 31, 2019, from 21h. to 05h. Price: from 59 € with 3 to 10 Consos + cocktail dinner. Info :,51.html

 Head to South America at the Forum & Club for a 100% Latin evening with three concerts, six DJ’s, dance shows and projections, orchestrated by the Fiesta de Cumbia Paris team Latin New Year & Swing New Year Soul. La Bellevilloise. 19-21 rue Boyer (20éme). Tuesday December 31, 2019, from 22h. to 06h. Admission: € 42 in presale and € 50 on site.

Info Latino :

Info Swing:

 The Aquarium Club invites you to wake up around 10,000 fish in a magical setting unique in the world. Facing the Eiffel Tower, wiggle around on the dancefloors and sip your glass of champagne (at will from 00h to 01h) in front of the biggest pool in France which has thousands of exotic fish and around thirty sharks. Aquarium’s New Year “tour Eiffel”. The Aquarium. 5, avenue Albert de Mun (16éme). Tuesday December 31, from 21h. to 05h. Entrance: from € 49 + drinks + open bar bubbles + pastries . Info :

And many folks ask me what to do in Paris, something different well as you know Paris is the world’s most visited and beautiful city and you have folks from all over the world tramping its streets and looking for something new as well. Well I have chosen some events that will be happening in Jan ,Feb, and Mar 2020 in Paris that will bring something new to do in Paris. Hope you enjoy it

Discover the 36 new paintings in La suite Binant which retrace heroic episodes of civil and military resistance during the Commune, the siege of Paris, from September 1870 to January 1871 (Paul Eluard art and history museum, Saint-Denis dept 93 , until March 2). Info:

Rediscover smell, taste and touch by blindly tasting delicatessen products or by participating in perfume workshops in the “Dans le Noir” sensory space, a stone’s throw from Beaubourg (4éme). Info:

 Put on your moon boots to climb Mont-Valérien, in Suresnes, where the group of Bistrots Pas Parisiens (who works in particular with Norbert Tarayre) installed Mourchevel, an ephemeral restaurant like a ski resort where to put raclette and Savoyard fondue ( until March 1, 2020). Info :

Marvel at night in the botanical gardens of Thoiry (Yvelines 78) thanks to the 600 impressive Chinese lanterns representing some twenty different animal species (until March 8). Info:

Rediscover your child’s soul in front of the breathtaking numbers of the new Bouglione Défi circus show, in the oldest circus in the world (11éme, until March 15). Info:

Let yourself be charmed by the “Fantasies for a Palace” exhibition at the Château de Maisons. The opportunity also to revisit this beautiful historic place. (Maisons-Laffitte Yvelines 78, until March 22). Info:

Believe in Cancale by tasting the best pancake in Paris, that of Bertrand Larcher, in his new Breizh Café rue Paul Bert (11éme). info:

Climb on the “rooftop” of the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards (2éme), transformed into a “Winter Shed” for the season with mountain cocktails, winter decor and comfort food (until the end of February-beginning of March 2020). Info:

Take your older teens to the De l’Amour exhibition, where between poetry, musical listening, films and literary references, you speak frankly and without complexes about this mysterious feeling, this eternal universal subject… (Palais de la Découverte 16th , until August 30). Info :

Warmly applaud the 5 crazy comedians From around the World in 80 days and realize, above all, that it’s great to laugh out loud (Théâtre de la Gaîté Montparnasse 14éme, until January 4). Info:

Take the children to play the Robinson Crusoes while enjoying the last days of the “Cabins” exhibit. (City of Science and Industry 19éme, until January 5). Info:

Put on your skates for a sliding game 110 meters high with a 360 ° view of Paname (Grande Arche de la Défense Hauts de Seine dept 92, until January 5). Info:

Attend the new equestrian show at the Grandes Écuries, Alice and the enchanted merry-go-round at Domaine de Chantilly (Oise dept 60, until January 5, by reservation). Info:

Hear the delighted little cries of baboons, wolves or lemurs who will discover during the holidays, savory and sweet treats distributed as gifts (Paris Zoological Park 12éme, until January 5). Info:

Save the representation of The Magic Flute and solve the curse of the legendary phantom of the Opera during an escape game at the Opéra Garnier (2éme, until January 12). Info :

Wiggle to the sounds of the DJs from the Friendsome Records collective from 19h to 23h. Under the Bulle Parisienne in a magical setting, on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower, have a drink and eat in a lounge bar perched 57 meters high. (7éme, January 9). Info :

Resume a swarm of news at the Théâtre de Poche (75 Boulevard du Montparnasse, 6éme), converted into “Café Maupassant” until January 12. Info:

Swing on Gershwin’s music and party with An American in Paris for an evening at the Châtelet theater (1éme, until January 20). Info:

Dive into the literary masterpieces of Hugo, Sand, Zola and Balzac adapted to the seventh art, on the big screen and in concert at the Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé Foundation (13éme, until January 21). Info

Vote for the Sea girls in power !, by and with burlesque singers Lise Laffont, Judith Rémy, Prunella Rivière and Delphine Simon (Café de la Danse 11éme, January 13, 14, 27 and 28). Info

Infiltrate the show rooms of editors and creators of decoration to be up to date and transform its interior in a jiffy (Paris Déco Off, from January 16 to 20). Info: :

Spend an entire night enjoying reading in libraries and bookstores that organize many events – readings, debates, recommendations – around their literary background (Nuit de la lecture, January 18). Info:

Getting lost in the Pompidou Center which devotes a vast exhibition to the very fleshy British painter Francis Bacon, from the 1930s to his death, bringing together 86 of his works (2éme, until January 20). Info:Centre Pompidou agenda

Be unbeatable on spring-summer fashion trends by following the new collections of the great couturiers during Paris Fashion Week (from 20 to 23 January). Info:

Sip signature cocktails at low prices, with and without alcohol, on the occasion of the 6th Paris Cocktail Week (from January 24 to February 1, in Parisian bars). Info:

Celebrate the Rat and indulge in a change of scenery for the Chinese New Year, which starts on January 25 with events over two weeks in Paris (traditional parades, concerts…). Info:

Rediscover the most beautiful films by Alfred Hitchcock in a retrospective of the Cinémathèque: Chantage, Les 39 marches, L’Inconnu du Nord-Express… (12éme, until 25 January). Info:

Get to know the Queen of France, wife of Louis XVI through the exhibition “Marie-Antoinette, metamorphoses of an image”. (Conciergerie 1éme, until January 26). Info:

Caracoler with lightness and liveliness at the racetrack to decide between the 18 best cracks in the world at the American Grand Prix (Hippodrome Paris Vincennes 12éme, January 26). Info:

To be dazzled by the paintings of Pietr Mondrian in his figurative period from the Salomon B. Slijper collection at the Musée Marmottan-Monet (16éme, until January 26). Info:

Save to buy one of the tables newly crowned by the 2020 edition of the Michelin guide, unveiled on January 27. Info:

Stroll by night in the crypt and the nave of the Pantheon (5éme) by the light of a flashlight, accompanied by the music of your choice. (Sept. exceptional nights until January 29). Info:

Realize that literature can radically change a life with the exhibition “Books in the Mirror” by photographer Marguerite de Merode. (Mazarine Library 6éme, until February 1.). info:

Discover Paris and its surroundings differently with the new edition of Paris Face Cachée and its visits to atypical or unknown places open exceptionally to the public (from January 31 to February 2, by reservation). Info:

Contemplate a Thousand & an orchid in the Grandes Serres du Jardin des Plantes (5éme, from February 5 to March 2). Info:

Run at 100 an hour for vintage cars and motorcycles exhibited at the Rétromobile show at Paris Expo before the auction organized by Artcurial (Porte de Versailles 15éme, February 5 to 9). Info :

Relive the epic of the Ile de France cruise liner in an Art Deco atmosphere through the exhibition dedicated to it at the Musée des 1930s in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts de Seine dept 92, until February 10). Info:

Warm up at the Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris Christmas chalet, which takes on the air of a funfair and fall back to childhood with a sweet break with pancakes, waffles, love apples and traditional spit cakes (8éme, until mid-February). Info:

Uncover emerging blues talent with the 14th “Alligator Nights” (La Maroquinerie 20éme, January 31 to February 23). Info: and info:

Take his spy outfit to go listen to the biggest titles in James Bond movies and spend an evening in the skin of 007 (Grand Rex 2éme, February 14 and 15). Info: :

Take a campaign shoot at the Agricultural Show by strolling among the stands of producers and breeders (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, 15éme, from Feb. 22 to March 1). Info :

Immerse yourself in the digital works of Monet, Renoir, Chagall for Voyages en Méditerranée (11éme Lights workshop, from February 28 to December 31). Info:

Be immersed in the cinema of the 1920s (episode film, popular or avant-garde cinema) through unpublished documents from the collection of the Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé Foundation (Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé Foundation, 13éme, until February 29). Info:

Take part in the Holiday on Ice Supernova ice show with the whole troop of figure skaters, accompanied for the last time by Philippe Candeloro (Palais des Sports, 15éme, from Feb. 27 to March 3). Info:

Challenge yourself during the half-marathon and travel at its own pace the 21.1 km that mark out the race in the heart of the capital (March 1). Info:

Transform your home with the Art & Deco Fair, essential for decoration enthusiasts (Grande Halle de la Villette 19éme, from March 5 to 8). Info:

Have fun with the craziest costumes of visitors to Paris Manga 2020, the Japanese pop culture fair which welcomes comic, video game, web culture and cosplay lovers every year (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles 15éme , March 7 and 8). Info: :

Pay homage to the great artist to celebrate 100 years of his birth with the exhibition “Boris Vian in Saint-Germain-des-Prés”. (Les Deux Magots 6éme, from March 9 to 31). Info:

Think India at the Book Fair which this year invites the authors of this country to exchange and sign their works (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles 15éme, from March 20 to 23). Info: :

Stroll between the different restaurants of Table Square, the giant food court (4500 m2) expected in February at La Défense (Hauts de Seine dept 92), with the “fast good” by Anne Sophie Pic, Akrame Benallal or Olivier Bellin. Follow news info here:

And there you go folks enjoy eternal Paris , there is nothing like it in the world, and I have been around ….Happy New Year 2020!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

December 26, 2019

Fishing museum at Concarneau!

I bring you back to my beloved Bretagne in my belle France. I have written several posts on the fortified town of Concarneau in the dept 29 of Finistére. Here there is a nice fishing boating museum I like to tell you more about it ok, hope you enjoy it.

This is one of those towns you would like to visit and visit , nothing espectacular, just a strange attraction to the old and quaint and airy. It is about a an hour from me along quaint old departemental roads close to the ocean.

Not to missed the wonderul musée de la pêche or fishing museum with wonderful collection of boat models in scale and paintings sea fishing items, lovely  and only 4,50€  on the main street of the ville close rue de Vauban. A beautiful heritage we love to visit and preserve, hope you too enjoy the seas and nature.



It has been installed since 1961 in the old arsenal on rue Vauban. In 1961, the association Les Amis du Musée de la Pêche was created. The same year, the museum was inaugurated. It is the first French museum to devote itself to fishing techniques from around the world. An extension and development program has taken place, which now allows the museum to offer a 1,500 m2 tour circuit. It obtained the official label of “Musée de France” in February 2003.


The museum’s collection was gradually built up at a pivotal moment in the history of the city and its port. From the beginning, donations flowed, mainly from the local population. A large part of the collection was collected between 1961 and 1970.

The visit begins with a presentation which retraces the history of fishing from prehistory to the present day. The museum then presents aquariums. A complete panorama of 1500 m2 of fishing techniques is also presented, illustrated by numerous models of boats, plans, explanatory diagrams,fish conservation, videos and dioramas. A room is entirely dedicated to trawling.

The Musée de la Pêche or Fishing Museum ashore has a coelacanth from the Comoros, Le Neptune François ; collection of nautical charts dating from Colbert, published in 1693, a coracle ,the oldest active fishing boat; a machine for sewing sails dating from 1889 ,there are only 3 in France!; a collection of sardine cans; a rowing lifeboat, the Commandant-Garreau . TheCommandant-Garreau is a lifeboat named after its donor, a frigate captain who offered it to the Grandcamp rescue station in 1894. Built by the Augustin Normand shipyard in Le Havre, this long canoe 10.10 m and 2.27 m wide, weighing 3.6 tonnes, equipped to be armed by 12 men including ten boaters in pairs, rescued among others the 7 men of the English three-masted Chrisolite in 1915 and the 6 sailors of the sloop Deux Frères, of Grangcamp, in 1922. This boat was bought in 1957 by the Nautical Center of the Glénans and used, after transformation, by the trainees of the said center under the name of Grand-chose. In 1986, it was bought by the Fishing Museum where it was restored, and where it is still exhibited under its original name. The museum afloat has the l’Hémérica, a semi-industrial trawler built in 1957, which can be visited.




Since May 2019, a new space dedicated to families has opened. The immersive room, at the end of the tour, offers interactive and fun devices to experience the world of fishing. If you opt for a guided tour, one of its strong points will be free access to the Hémérica, from the hold to the wheelhouse (a 34-meter trawler anchored at the museum quay). For children, passionate about the maritime world, it is possible to celebrate their birthday at the museum from 5 years old. For teens, they can opt for a murder party for a unique evening at the museum.

The museum regularly receives exhibitions, offers educational workshops and guided tours for children. During the school holidays, workshops are also organized. Receptions, seminars, meetings or others can take place there, in the library or in the museum rooms.

The Musée de la Pêche or Fishing Museum occupies buildings steeped in history (the oldest date from the 16C): a chapel and a barracks which served in turn as a municipal school, fishing school and maritime cooperative.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here and worth it are

For reference the tourist office of Concarneau  on things to do and see there  in English:

And the tourist office with the museum info here:

Official site for the fishing museum or musée de la pêche in English is here:

And yes , there is still a wonderful fishing harbor here to bring us the best from the sea, a seafarer delights like me!

And a beautiful marina harbor site with gorgeous photos of the ville close or enclosed city of Concarneau:

Enjoy Concarneau as we do, and do visit it is worth the detour . And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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