YES! Quimper!!!

Indeed, once again Quimper!!! YES!!! this is a very nice city we love it and with so much to see sometimes we take time to come back, but come back we did again and here are some new photos. Really not much to tell as I have plenty written in my blog on various spots of the city. However, always worth it to come back!

We were riding the road warrior routine in the Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne and with time on our way back and looking to eat we decided to stop by Quimper before heading home in my beautiful Morbihan breton dept 56. Needless to tell you driving and finding parking is our best, and I did found wonderful parking on the street for free!! At Rue de Pen Ar Steir! 

For now something on Quimper. One thing we love to do once in town is to walk, indeed walk as much as you can and see more of our beautiful region and country for that matter. One walk that is a must repeat is the one by the Steir canal down to rue Kéréon and the Cathedral of Saint Corentin, this is Quimper, Bretagne and for that matter my belle France!

So we walk down steep street by the Steir canal and onto Pont Médard and into rue Kéréon and into the city center and the wonderful Cathedral of Saint Corentin, awesome building, we didn’t go in as plenty on that but the outside is always majestic! And see the Carrousel!! Then the Halles St François and finally our meal at the Tavern des Halles! Follow the trail below!!


The Steir from Pont Médard


the locks on the Steir from rue pen ar steir


Rue Kereon and onwards to Cathedral


Cathedral Saint Corentin just awesome!


side view of Cathedral Saint Corentin


Carrousel at Place St Corentin the Cathedral is on the right


covered market Halles St François

A break to tell you about the La Taverne des Halles at Quai du Steir right in front of the Halles St François, in fact we had eaten here above and there is a huge window to look down on the market inside! This time we took a table by the side of the Quai du Steir and  people watching took over. This is a tavern so no fancy French food, just working class chow, fish and chips, burgers, and Gimbergen Christmas beers as well as expresso coffee! All nicely serve as usual , good value/quality as it is purchase right around the corner and the market!  Real food for real people, and here is their webpage: Official La Taverne des Halles


La Taverne des Halles towards the bar


La Taverne des Halles dining room with the views all around you

And if you need more ask me or read the tourist office of Quimper here;Tourist office of Quimper

Enjoy Quimper, a worth a visit city of the Finistére and very close to me in the Morbihan! About one hour and 96 km!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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