Back again to Locronan!

Yes, so this is the season to be merrier and Locronan in the Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne rank up there especially at this time of the year, and we are getting close to end 2019.

I have written several posts on Locronan and not good of keeping track do not want to repeat myself so will put the link to the previous post and some comments from them to create this post with new pictures! Hope you enjoy and do visit this is a must in Bretagne!

So now let’s tackle a serious tourism and heritage subject in my old beautiful Brittany. Tradition with the Bretons is very strong even now, and the legacies of the past are well maintained with their language pushing and the religious beliefs, here strong. One town stands of many on this example. I like to talk to you today about Locronan in the Finistére dept 29 of Brittany. A town full of traditions and beautiful architecture not to mention history. Enough for me to love it. Post: The traditions of Brittany ,Locronan

The Church of Saint-Ronan is a priority Church located in Locronan, Dept. 29 of Finistère, region of Brittany. The Chapel of the Penity, which houses the tomb of St. Ronan, is also part of the ensemble. The Church of St Ronan is one of the most beautiful specimens of the flamboyant ogival art of the 15C. Post: The Church of St Ronan at Locronan

This year we went early to avoid the crowds as the Christmas market here is very popular signs posted to warn you of traffic jams and all! People come anyway from far away so we came for the street walks and architecture Breton old and beautiful. The town of Locronan is a must to visit I am telling you,ok

The beauty of its religious buildings is enormous and the fame is huge with the Bretons. One of their shrines and huge pardon walk each year from here already explained in my previous posts.  I will just put up some new photos here and hope you do visit and let me know ok


Left Church of St Ronan, right Chapel of the Penity


Bell tower of Church of St Ronan


Altar of Church St Ronan


nave entrance to altar Church St Ronan


altar and Rosary Chapel of Church St Ronan


Chapel of the Penity with tomb of St Ronan

The town is surrounded by old Breton architecture houses and a nice museum, good all year around but especially in the period now of Christmas market. Hope you enjoy Locronan as we do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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