Little towns, little restaurants of the Morbihan!

Over time we have eaten in several towns all over France and lately all over Brittany and more precisely all over the Morbihan dept 56 our home. So I figure to put them all together in a post as souvenirs of past good times and future enjoyments. And just a good timing for the season to be merrier!!!

Therefore, in small comments let me tell you a bit on the little towns , little restaurants of my Morbihan. 

The créperie Le Fournil, at Ambon ,so much good things here you are bound never to make a mistake. They are feature in the dept tourist office and their site is under construction but believe me they are alive and kicking and very very good local stuff. Their official site is here : Tourist office of Morbihan on the Le Fournil

We were warmly welcome and sitted right away. We had front window seating facing the Church. We started with 100 Cl of Cider Brut Nicol from nearby Surzur, this is more than a bottle (75)::) We then ordered our galettes. I had a duo of bacon and Emmental cheese; others had complete bacon with soft eggs, super complete, montagnarde, twice. Then we had desserts, and I had the coupe antillaise with rum raisins ice cream and caramel sauce. We left as it is for 17.2€ per person. Delicious and a nice find, we will be back.

The Créperie Les Logoden, (breton for laughs) at 20, rue Albert Danet 56610 Arradon,  We had our lunch where the food was great with galette arradonaise with local breton sausages, cafe gourmand with expresso coffee and small pots of creme brulée,far breton, and apple crêpes, a 50cl house red wine(2/3 bottle), and similar faires for the gang all for 18,40€ per person!!! the service was a bit slow but this is a small town, once we got going the lady started talking more lol! To emphasize the food was fantastic, the welcome a bit cold.  More info: Tourist office of Morbihan on les Logoden

We found the Les Kerguelen at Baden just next to the Church St Pierre. The family was very nice homey, and they have a bar cafe on street level and the restaurant in upper level; very cozy. We had lunch with few people there and had the opportunity to exchange with the owner. We had an entrée all you can eat of salads of various kinds, patês, cold cuts, fish salads, and bread/butter. The main dish we had the parmintier du canard or duck ground beef in mashed potatoes, and also spaghetti carbonara for others; all wash down with a quart of red and rosé house wine which was good. Then , the dessert was a home made apple pie or white/dark chocolate fondue for some; a plate of cheeses which we took the goat cheese and the camembert very nice and soft. Finish with a expresso coffee all for 13,30€ per person!!! Just what the family was looking for and found! More info: City of Baden on Les Kerguelen

The restaurant is the Au Coq en Pâte, 20 route de Corn Er Hoët, Brech. We had different dishes and all very good quality price ratio,with a friendly talkative host/owners. I had the crusty wrap in Andouille Breton the local sausage from pork, green salad as entrée and then had the main dish on parmentier de haddock and codfish all wash down with a nice provence Rosé 50cl garafe and expresso coffee. 22.50€ per person good in the woods. More info here:

We went by noonish by car to the Hostellerie Lion d’Or at Elven after recommendation from a work collegue who lives in town. The building dates from the 16C! It is wonderful country food , as the best in France. We started with lots of conversation  to be accompany by a good Saumur-Champigny red Les Longes . And more red wine… In all a great lunch to finish the week.  More of this recommended resto is on the city of Elven, here: City of Elven on the Restaurant Lion d’Or

One resto brought a bit of tears as it was frequent there with my dear late wife Martine and we love it, the Le Chat qui Pêche at the harbor area or Le Port at Etel. 2 Cours des Quais. This is a great site in French for the local area and resto has some extra photos: Ma ria on Le Chat qui Peche resto

At Grand Champ we passed by it all the time and finally time to try it. It has been recognized for several years by the Petit Futé , this is the Kreizhy Crep’s. A very nice and contemporary stop on the area of Landes de Lanvaux. The old building is adorned with a veil of modernity that suits it to delight. The cakes are made with a flour 100% black wheat IGP Breton, well garnished and perfectly tasty. The bar room offers sports entertainment evenings. Open all year. Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10h30 to 13h30 Friday to Sunday from 10h30 to 13h30 and 19h to 21h30. Today we all took different galettes with mine Chévre chaud Miel Salade or hot goat cheese honey and green salad; the boys took from the Compléte, Compléte oignions, and Compléte bacon all wash down with a bottle of Cider brut de Rhuys artisan Nicol, and ended with expresso coffee and tea orange. all for 12€ perfect lunch and a nice friendly service by the couple owners. More in their Facebook page here: Facebook page of Kreizhy Crep’s

At Guidel Plage, the La Moule qui Saoûle, friendly service even late and we had our Grimbergen blonde beers with bretonne pizzas and moules à curry or mussels in curry sauce as well as a huge calzone , and expresso coffee to finish all for 16.60€ per person.::) More info here: La Moule qui saoule resto page

And ,also, the Brasserie Le Roof at Guidel Plage , invites you to a relaxing and refreshing break. On the large terrace, with breathtaking views of the sea and in the shade of the immense maritime pines propose, noon and evening, to enjoy in all conviviality and with the feet in the water the indispensable mussels-fries, the speciality of the house, but also grilled sardines,fish and chips , omelettes, cheeseburgers, mixed salads and ice creams.  And a nice Grimbergen brassin de printemps or spring brewing beer ! Open from 9h to 24h, seven days a week. A very pleasant place already couple times here all wonderful. More in their Facebook page here:  Facebook page of Bar resto Le Roof

We went to the Créperie Mouchoir du Poche 7, rue lafayette, La Gacilly , named as one of the cultural representation of the art in Bretagne, créperie gourmande and qualité tourisme. Off season closed Mondays and Wednesdays (like now) July and August open every day from 12h to 18h , and then from  19h to 22h, open Sundays afternoon all year. We made the right choice . We had galette sindar with filet mignon, potatoes, and salad ,an apero of druite, cider, pommeau eau de vie with calvado, and blackcurrant or creme de cassis, coffee, a bottle of kerizan cider, banana splits and similar menus for the rest of the family for 99€ for five persons. More info: Tourist office Morbihan on the creperie Mouchoir du poche

What we love to come and have lunch or dinner here is at the very friendly and good food/price ratio restaurant Le Yackam’s Bar Brasserie on the port below the promontory and on the Quai Saint Antoine at La Roche Bernard. Every time is different, as you can have the menu or the plat du jour daily dish with good wines or beers. Today we had all different dishes, me a codfish and chips platter with salad and a Tripel Karmeliet Belgian 8.4% beer from 1679! and  very nice and expresso coffee. My sons took different dishes and ice creams , same beers , and one try the Loburg Belgian beer 5.7% pilsner . All came in for 18€ per person which very good deal! The webpage for Yackam’s is here: The Yackam’s Bar Brasserie at La Roche Bernard

Oncle Scott (Uncle Scott) is an American Western inspired chain of 6 by a Frenchman who fell in love with the concepts while visiting the Tennessee,USA. The restaurant is nicely decorated with western, indian artifacts and the service is prompt and friendly. The food is awesome American style with lots of quantity for the plate , loads of it. I thought will be blown like a balloon lol! I had the big double stack of beef Cadillac burger with green salads, baked potatoes and French fries, down the hatch with good cold Sol Mexican beers , and a nice Pecan Addict dessert with you name it pecans and brownies in a vanilla caramel ice cream! A bit extra on the beers and the bill came out to 31,75€ per person. A great deal for lots of food on the table big quantities in fact you can easily share one burger!  We are planning to celebrate my twins bday next month here so if in the area drop me a note! The restaurant is at  Rue Gustave Zédé, Parc d’activité de Malebos; 56600 Lanester  Tél +33 (0) 2 90 61 24 91. General webpage here: Oncle Scott

Having already lunch we did the round tripper, going we stop at Bar Ty ma’lor at Corn er Houet, 1 rue du moustoir 56400 Ploemel . We had to stop we know the owners and had our cold beers just to get going on a sort of hot day. (the place is now gone, closed) Then, on the way back we stop at American’s  Snacks  , this is the same owners as the bakery next door at the foot of pont Lorois,by the before Passage-Neuf in Plouhinel. Plenty of hot dogs and good Corona beers while overlooking the bay. More info on their facebook page: Facebook page of American Snacks

It was time for lunch so we went to visit the Americans (from Chicago, IL) at Le Gorvello Café at the village of le Gorvello near Théix. We had our two rounds of Thor draft beers, platters of cold cuts and cheeses with bread and butter, chocolate cake in a raspberry sauce and expresso coffees all for 15.40€ per person. There is a miniature pool table and we had a couple of rounds, Dad winning of course ::) . Of course, they have now retired and there are new owners with a new name but same concept, Le Petit Café dans la Prairie, rooms are still rented as well, and this is the new webpage: LE Petit Cafe dans la Prairie at Le Gorvello

We set out to have lunch in our humble simple country French restaurant Les Trois Soleils, in Plescop just outside Vannes. This is a workers lunch place and real local foods and customs. We love it for the friendly country service, the good food and the good family ambiance. There is a menu formule set of second dish and dessert or first dish and second dish for 11,50€ including drink of beer, wine, sodas or water. Or the full whammy of entrée (first dish), plat (second dish), dessert ,and drink (beer, wine, sodas, water) all for 13,30€ which we split as each tastes in the family. I had the full swing !!! More info here: Bar Brasserie Les 3 Soleils Plescop

We stop at Plumelec on the Créperie Les Korrigans. In Breton, the korrigans were dwarfs who lived in the forest and perhaps going back to the meaning of Halloween. The créperie restaurant at Plumelec is a country setting full of little figurines or korrigans as well as portraits of them. The food is typical Breton and with many prices from local travel guides like the Le Routard, and name by the Brittany tourist house as part of the designation Créperies Gourmandes. The couple owners are fast and courteous and as the time went by more and more talkative. The food is excellent, we had a bottle of Colpo demi sec cider locally done, and the galette of Teuz with the local andouillette sausage and potatoes, and a crêpe of banana, with coconut ice cream, chocolate syrup and flakes of coconuts, express coffee and all came out to 19.72€ per person! More info here; Creperie Les Korrigans at Plumelec

The Au Bureau is at 69 Route de Nantes in Séné. Meals correct beautiful atmosphere value for money means a little expensive for a menu carte that remains unsurprising. Very good meal and  impeccable team of the restaurant. Thank you to them for the pleasure of coming back again a few more times. A  pub-restaurant where the pleasure is in the plate, but also in the room with its 5 giant screens for sports and various activities offered throughout the year. The place is festive, for all ages …The franchise is own by the former general Manager of the FC Lorient football/soccer team now in the French 2nd Division. Their official page is here (they refer as Vannes because capital and bigger town but it is in the town of Séné ok) : Official Au Bureau at Séné

We saw Theix’as Bar and finally stop in to a nice surprise. Fixed menu at 12,80€ all you can eat buffet entrée, main dish (mine was fish), dessert (mine créme brulée) , wash down with a nice cold Leffe blonde Belgian beer, nice price , good food, great friendly family service, will be back. Now webpage just an address: Le Theix’as Bar , Zone Artisanale Atlantheix , 56450 Theix-Noyalo. Tel +33 (0) 2 97 47 40 72.

We have a few others we like to mention such as the Au Coin du Feu, road D768, Camors 56330 just up the road from us, country setting in a Breton longére house and local products , the best! More info here: Restaurant Au Coin du Feu

We stop at Les Regates in Larmor Baden , the smaller cosier resto of La Voile Blanche complex up from the harbor exactly at 15 rue de Pen Lannic. We had our usual beers, and fish burgers! with the bay waters in your back is nice. More info : Facebook page of La Voile Blanche, Les Regates

One of my sons worked here nearby so we stop by for a visit and had our lunch with him here in the inland Morbihan home of the famous Lancelot brewery of Breton beers such as our favorite Duchesse Anne triplet but this is their café in town and we had our local beers and pizzas here on the main road leading to the bridge and the Canal Nantes Brest! The town was call Le Roc Saint André and now it is an agglomeration of Val d’Oust or valley of the oust river. More info here: Tourist office of Broceliande are on La Chaumiere of old le roc st andre

And there go there is more on the individual posts on the towns and visits in my blog but now you have unique local places to eat locally in the Morbihan 56 in one post. Hope you enjoy it and bon appétit!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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