The markets of Graulhet and Lavaur!

And now I bring you back down to my dear late wife Martine’s family region where we still have family. Of course, we have been by here several times over the years and have plenty of posts in my blog, but as usual by quick road warrior me I have left out more on the some and especially the lovely markets of Graulhet and Lavaur in the Tarn dept 81 of the region of Occitanie.

Graulhet ,where we still have family like I said.  The town needs to be reach by car as there is no train station, and even this it is a bit off the A68 road connecting Toulouse to Albi and really link to Gaillac by the D964 road . Naturally, we come here by car always.

The main market here is on Sundays morning from 8h to 13h at Place de la République and Place du Jourdain. Then, there is smaller one on Thursdays from 8h to 13 at Place du Jourdain.


At Graulhet wednesday market my dear late wife Martine, she love it!

You have some information in the area tourist office here: Tourist office of the vineyards and bastides on the market at Graulhet

And why not a bit of history on the city again, in French. City of Graulhet on its history in French


Graulhet market looking down from esplanade

Then, we move on to Lavaur from where my dear late wife Martine’s  father was from. Of course, we have visited the place several time and written before in my blog on the town.

There are two weekly markets in Lavaur which take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays by Allées Jean-Jaurès.

The small Wednesday market is reserved for local producers, from 8h 12h

The bigger Saturday market is open to everyone from 7h to 13h: here you will find the works such as cold meats, butchers, bakers, fishmongers, cheeses, poultry, fruit and vegetables and other producers of seasonal fruits and vegetables, but also headgear, clothing and accessories, shoes, hardware, thrift stores, second hand booksellers and various peddlers.

It is the essential meeting of Wednesday and Saturday morning, on the boulevards which surround the old town. Hundreds of stalls offer you the opportunity to discover all the producers of the surrounding farms. However, it is also and above all an incomparable place of exchange not to be missed . Indeed not just the purchase of wonderful mother earth best products but the talk and ambiance of any town and here they talk, you are in Cathar country!!

A bit more on the markets: City of Lavaur on its markets

A quant visit to a nice architectural and historical building , the Halle aux Grains, now offering various cultural events throughout the year, including shows for young audiences and live shows, concerts.

The Halle aux Grains was built from 1879 to 1881. On the ground of the cooler ,a former underground ice warehouse. It was intended for the market for silkworm cocoons, which lacked space at the Old Market. It is hexadecagonal and offers a lot of space because it has no pillars. The fall of the silk trade in Vaurais, at the end of the 19C, confined it only to the sale of grains. The central lightning rod vane represents a winged dragon: was it to dissuade the granivores? Ha good question. It is located at Place Stalingrad


At the Halle aux Grains and my dear late wife Martine

City of Lavaur on things to see and do

There you go two simple towns in a wonderful region of my belle France very dear to me, memories forever. Hoping you too will see the enchantment and visit this Tarn department 81 of region of Occitanie (they are in old Midi-Pyrénées region).

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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