The market at Fougéres!

And coming back at you again on the favorite pastime of the French, the marché or market days. This time I bring you to Fougéres, in the dept 35 of Ille et Vilaine again in my lovely Bretagne.

I have written plenty on Fougéres and especially its castle magnificent. Now let me tell you about something we do very often here , every week, the market. The best culinary expression of the best culinary country, France!

I like to tell you a bit about the Marché de Fougéres.


The marché or market is held from 8h30 to 12h30, and until 13h in summers at the Place Aristide Briand, Rue Nationale and Place Jean Guéhenno (aka Place du Beffroi) It is held Saturday or on Thursdays mornings at the neighborhood of Cotterêts , a smaller market is held . Either one do not forget to try the traditional galette saucisse !


Here, the particular geographical location of Ille-et-Vilaine, between sea and countryside, offers a variety of products. On the land side, enjoy the capon of Janzé, the andouille, the andouillette or even the pre-salted lamb from the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. On the sea side, discover Cancale oysters, scallops or Breton lobster. To discover culinary specialties and regional products, why not stroll through the market of Fougéres!


Some additional information

City of Fougeres on the market

Tourist office of Fougeres on the markets

We have been a couple times to the big market by place du Beffroi and it is wonderful. Hope you enjoy the culinary wonders of my belle France , and especially of my lovely Bretagne.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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