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December 20, 2019

The market at Quimper!

And continuing with my round of wonderful markets near and far from me in my belle France. As said, markets is an experience you all should have coming to France and a must if living here as I. It is part of the French experience par excellence.

One of the better markets in my region of Bretagne is the one in Quimper. Both a regular market and when Christmas market comes along. Let me tell you a bit more on it ok.

We always enjoy the big market and the covered market or halles but there are others. Listed here with hours

Les Halles Saint-François. Opened in 1847 on the site of the former Saint-François convent, it is the best known market, located in the heart of the city. The only covered market, it has won over its customers by offering them diversified and high-quality products. City center/Downtown are open from April 1 to October 31: Monday from 7h to 19h30. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 5h30 to 20h. Friday 5h to 20h. Saturday from 4h30 to 20h. Sunday from 7h to 13h.  From November 1 to March 31 they are open from Monday from 7h30 to 19h30. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday same times. Friday from 5h30 to 20h. Saturday same times. Sunday from 7h30 to 13h.

More info on the Halles Saint François businesses available here:



Marchés de plein air or Outdoor markets. You have the Big Saturday Market. Open air market where no less than a hundred traders set up shop every Saturday in a green setting along the Steïr river and around Les Halles covered market. The big market offers food and manufactured products. It is a space where local Quimpérois and visitors   can do their shopping in peace, traffic is prohibited.

Around Rue Saint François, Rue Astor, blvd du Moulin au Duc, parc de la Galciére and parc de la Providence. Saturdays all year. Food market from 8h to 13h30 , manufactured goods from 8h30 to 19h from April 1 to September 30 and from 8h30 to 18h from October 1 to March 31.


The Wednesday market in open air market where some merchants gathered every Wednesday to propose food and manufactured products. It is a peaceful market.

By Rue Saint François , Rue Astor ,and blvd du Moulin au Duc every Wednesday all year you have a food market from 8h30 to 13h30 and manufactured products from 8h30 to 19h from April 1 to September 30 and 8h30 to 18h from October 1 to March 31

The Bio market at Kerfeunteun. Here every Friday afternoons the neighborhood market runs at the pace of the Bio market. In the city social house parking producers and merchants converge to sell their products. This is at Place Théophile Bonnemaison , and blvd des Fréres Maillet. Fridays from 15h to 19h30

 The market at Braden. This is on every Sunday morning with food and clothing items in this neighborhood of Braden. This is at Place Victor Schoelcher , Sundays from 7h to 14h

More info on the markets from these webpages :

City of Quimper on markets

Tourist office of Quimper on markets

Tourist office dept 29 Finistere on shopping of Quimper

There you go a wonderful ambiance, great architecture around you, and plenty of good local products to make your stay or living here a life’s dream. Enjoy Quimper and its markets.

And if you are here now in Christmas market season the one in Quimper is very nice indeed with a big ice skating ring that is the center of the fun for families.  A bit more on it here with a nice video: Christmas escapes of Quimper


And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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December 20, 2019

Museum or musée des guerres de l’Ouest at Plouharnel

I went by again by it and needed to tell you more on the local history. Bretagne or Brittany or locals call it Breizh has a long history not always attach to France. In fact, there was a dukedom here until 1532 union with the kingdom of France due to the marriage of convenience between the king of France Charles VIII and the Duchess of Brittany Anne de Bretagne.

However, by the time of the French revolution the Bretons pretty much wanted their way to stay independant and fought in many battles on what is known as the wars of the west which included the area of the Vendée, Mayenne, Anjou Normandy as well as Brittany. In Brittany none other then General Georges Cadoudal lead the West army against the Republicans or French. Long battles that some skirmishes lasted until 1832. Before finally peace came back and finally Bretagne remain French. However, the spirits of independance are still within the Bretons even if today peacefully.

And there is a museum that tells you all the story from the patriots or rebels or chouans point of view. This is at Plouharnel just before entering the presqu’ïle de Quiberon. It is call the musée des guerres de l’Ouest or the museum of the wars of the west! And I would like to tell you a bit on it. Hope you enjoy and do come to see history, the real one.


Its probably one of two muséums on the Chouans, the farming folks who rebels against the French revolution. There is another in the Vendée region, this one is right in Plouharnel. I am in the middle of this historic region. Plouharnel is a town on the road D768 going towards the Presqu’île de Quiberon or peninsula of Quiberon.

The musée des guerres de l’Ouest or museum of wars of the west (before call the museum of the Chouannerie) sits in an old bunker of WWII near the beach, and surrounded by sights that tells you that this was a heavily fortified place with machine guns part of the Atlantic wall of WWII.

However the museum is an educational fact finding beauty. Most folks think that the  French revolution was just an attack on the Bastille to get rid of the king Louis XVI. However, what they don’t know is that frontal army attacks and later guerrilla warfare was carry out in the Vendée and up to Bretagne and  even further into Normandie against this revolution. One if not the most bloody event in France’s history.

The National Day is more a day of reconciliation of these events, as the Place de la Concorde in Paris along will tell you, the concordia of people after been name place de la revolution and before place royale. The reign of terror and the guillotine are testaments of this horrific period.

This is the part in English from the Plouharnel tourist office: City of Plouharnel on the museum

Brittany, has an old State identity ,strong, earth firmly rooted in its Christian faith, deeply rooted in its multi-centenaires traditions, even multimillenaires, viscerally attached to its structures and its men is seen as an entity to make it disappear at any price. In order to justify the unjustifiable, to think the unthinkable, jacobins policies , particularly Parisian, will strive to do the Bretons as rebels of Conservatives, bandits, robbers, in a word of chouans. Journalists, painters, writers… are not to be outdone, making this portion of France a land of arrears, exotic outdated and vulgar, not considering of the Bretons only that and as well as  subhumans barely out of muds of a medieval barbarian and dirty. With the union with France in 1532 , Brittany will not hesitate to resume a war  to defend its rights where the case of Bonnets Rouges (name also given today to demonstrators against the current govenrment policies) in 1675 and the marquis de Pontcallec in 1719. The chouannerie lies in this logic: negation of its rights -.refusal of dialogue , insurgency , crackdown, the Central power  not knowing what to do use extreme force to impose its will.  Taken from the museum text.

The war of guerrillas goes on until 1832,and the confirmation of the restoration of many rights and properties to the Bretons, not all. The museum founded in  1985 ,and open symbolicall on July 14 ,its a unique museum in France links entirely to the  Chouannerie, in the Vendée,and on the wars of the west ( Guerres de l’Ouest as they are known in Brittany); proposing over 400 items from maps, documents, weapons, customes, diverse objects, engravings from Marcel de Villemoisson, and many more, all retracing the events of the wars of the west from  1793 to 1832, showing windows in glass cover and tables of events of the wars.

The webpage of the museum of the wars of the west are in French  is here: The official museum of the wars of the west webpage in French

One of the main heroes is General Georges Cadoudal of Auray neaby and my former home, where he is buried in his own property with a mausoleum his descendants open to the public. Call the Champ de Martyrs or the field of martyrs for the massacre of chouans done there in 1795, the remains are now kept in the  Chartreuse of Auray nearby. Very much revered by the locals.

Enjoy a history of no more révolutions. I hope that my introduction will led you to learn more of this important historical event that is still very much alive here in Bretagne/Brittany or Breizh ,the land of the Bretons. Bretons forever , as they say or as the sign in the near me peninsula or presqu’ïle de Conleau says Bretons toujours, français jamais (Breton always, French never). I say leave it as it is.

And there you go a nice piece of history seldom shown or one heck of a off the beaten path thing to do! Hope you enjoy it and do stop by

And of course , to make you even more enticing to come here see the museum is in a WWII bunker left from the Atlantic wall by the nazis! and all around the museum is a graveyard of bunkers and guns of WWII in open aire display!! Worth the detour!


And remember, happy travels,good health, and many cheers to all!!



December 20, 2019

The market , Daytona Beach!

Ok so let’s swing around and go over the pond or ocean the Atlantic for memories of old that never fade away! As said we love the markets and this is not just a new found thing, we go way back as a family our first experience happened in Daytona Beach Florida USA

This is a sentimental post for us but will tell you a bit about the flea market at Daytona Beach.

Wow I read that the Daytona Flea Market is ranked one of the top five markets in the USA and top 10 in the world! The market boasts hundreds of vendors, a top notch farmer’s market, specialty stores, antiques, and two indoor shopping malls!!! It has grown indeed over the years

I have been coming here since living in nearby Ormond by the Sea and going to college in Daytona Beach, the city I got married and my oldest son was born at Halifax Hospital, and baptized at St Brendan’s Catholic Church in Ormond by the Sea!  Memories galore of a wonderful place of fast speed and fast oh well everything in season. I have done some older post on this stories but not on the market.

My experiences here goes back to 1977! And ended in 2003 when I left Florida for France! Already a French citizen to brag lol! However, all my adult young history was base around here first alone, then with my parents, then with my wife and later my older boy and then visited with the whole gang before departing Florida. A one stop shopping and cultural experience recommended to all.

Hardly a photo left but here I am with my paternal grandfather of Tenerife!And my parents.

daytona beach flea pipo mima y abuelo manolo

The Daytona Flea Market is another that makes a proper event out of the market. At least once a month it offers either an arts and crafts fair or the Classic Car Cruise-In. Daytona Flea Market features stalls stretching over 3 miles and there is plenty of shopping to be had. It is worth getting to this market earlier on in the day, for ease of parking as well as sourcing the best items.

Note that Daytona Flea Market is not the place to hit for specific antiques, but instead is a haven for all things second-hand and curious. Sellers are there to clear their tables, so barter away for some awesome bargains! Located at 1425 Tomoka Farms Rd, Daytona Beach, FL and open Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 9 am to 5pm or 9h to 17h year round.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Official Daytona flea Market

City of Daytona Beach on the flea market

Tourist office of Florida on the Daytona Flea Market

Hope you enjoy the post and do stop by! for me it is wonderful memories and thank for sharing them in my blog.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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