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December 17, 2019

The market at Questembert

Ok so we arrive chez moi in my dept 56 Morbihan and we have plenty here and I have been to all of them, well did not count but sure most of them lol! We have friends here and do come several times for the festivities as well.  For those new to my blog, let me tell we proudly tell that the Morbihan dept 56 is the only one in France where the name is not French but the local Breton language! In French it would have been call Petite Mer but in Breton it is mor =sea bihan=small or small sea or Morbihan!!! ok

I will tell you a bit on the market at Questembert, historical place indeed.


Ok there you go was going elsewhere but passed by this wonderful town in my region and stop by for new photos of the halle fresh off the roll december 2019, enjoy it



On Monday morning, the superb 16C market halles of Questembert, return to their original function. Located in the heart of the city and restored in 1997, they welcome the stalls of traders and local producers. On Wednesday evening from 17h in summer, the halls host a local market that is extended by tasting local products on large tables with musical entertainment. To stay in the tradition, a carriage makes it possible to join in peace the heart of the market in summer. This is done on a horse drawn wagon from the Parking des Buttes to the Rue Jean Grimaud on Monday mornings from 9h to 13h for free!

All year round, Questembert is transformed on Monday morning into a large open-air market. Les Halles, the squares and the neighboring streets welcome many tradesmen from 9am until about 13h with loads of food, clothing, accessories etc. . The market halls are located in the heart of the city and are a real haven for markets and other cultural events throughout the year such as concerts, parties, salons, fest-noz (Breton festivals) etc etc.

All year, weekly market of local producers, Wednesday under the Halles of Questembert from 17h. In summer, the evening continues with a musical entertainment, the “Convivi’Halles” , super fun events.

Some webpages on the town of Questembert in inner country Morbihan are

City of Questembert on the market in French

Tourist office of Rochefort en Terre on Questembert and the Market in French

And of course, the more popular and the least photos but you get the idea. Enjoy the markets and the one in Questembert is unique.

And again, remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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