The market at St Brieuc!

Well by now if have been reading my blog you know we love the markets in our belle France. Tradition obliges and the very best from mother Earth are a must! Granted you always have to look at the labels but in general view the markets are what France brings out to the world in culinary tradition. Forget the modern trends of hypermarkets etc; head for the markets in any town in France.

We have gone to several over the years and have our favorites close to home, however, we have come to some newer ones in our lovely Brittany. This time I stay in the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 up north and the town of Saint Brieuc.

Saint Brieuc

The market here is modern not history on it but the food and the crowds are just as nice and if you are driving traveling by here is a must. The road N12 connects you to all of Brittany and the TGV Atlantique stops here too.

The halles covered market at Saint-Brieuc are open Wednesdays and Saturdays. They are the biggest in the whole dept 22  Côtes d’Armor. Open from 8h to &3h at the Place de la Résistance in city centerThey are spread outside into the  place du Chai and the place du Martray.  In them , you have merchants offering flowers, fruit and vegetables, local products and confectionaries and prepare foods. All goodies!!!

Saint Brieuc

Some webpages for guidance are

City of St Brieuc on the markets

Tourist office bay of St Brieuc on markets

And there you go another round of markets in the north of the region of Brittany, up my alley but not close, anyway the road warrior has been everywhere! And for markets we smell the food km away and search for them, this is living at its best. Be at a market day in France should be your hightlight of the visit! yes I say so.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



14 Comments to “The market at St Brieuc!”

  1. The advantage of supermarkets is that they are so much cheaper. I have noticed creeping prices in traditional markets in Europe. Especially the big city tourist markets.


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